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Posted at 11:14 pm on Apr 23, 2017 by: Gunther (The Freakn European SEX God)
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tonight I am the freakn dynamite, Mmms

Suddenly, before you can leave your seat and get the hell out of this, thousands of disco balls were seen hanging from the gigantic CreatureMania: Premium Beef stage, that was six stories tall, and along with fireworks.... A large vagina float rolls out with Gunther's SEXYA tutti fruit summar bois and girls pushing it with large chains..... on the float were buffed up steroid out heavylifters and the man of the hours-- Gunther singing to his new single, "DYNAMITE". How did Gunther manage to come up with and execute a new single music video, as well, all in one day was incredible!

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm awh........ ooooooooh....... eeeeeehhhh..... awwwwwwhhhh.... MMMMMM!!

Everyone watching were in confusion as 3 more hours passed with Gunther singing and dancing with buffed up roied up dancers..... Gunther was singing in some unknown gibberish and every so often he would thrust his right fist to his chest, and do the ding dong head bop..... about a quarter down the 5 mile ramp a tuti fruit summar gurl fell asleep by the singing and slipped off of the ramp!!!! she pulled her side of the vagina float off of the side with her into the unsuspecting fans!!!!


Everyone on the float, except for Gunther who was repetitively doing the ding dong head bop, launched off of the thing.... once the gigantic vagina float crashed and killed a dozen fans and lit on fire..... Gunther emerges from the wreckage unharmed but his mullet was smoking on the top of his head.

The smoke coming from Gunther's mullet eventually eclipsed the EMTs and ambulances carrying the dead bodies in body bags and the vagina float was being lifted up by a crane.....


"Oooooooooooohh... my DING DING DONG!!"

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