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Posted at 6:52 pm on Apr 25, 2017 by: Team Darkshit Whoring Fags

With the smell of shit filling the arena, the crowd thought Goldy was coming out with the rest of the CreatureWrestling team. Instead, Diper emerged, dropping endless turds from in between her fat, hairy ass cheeks for Gidboots, Cunner, Dark Rectum, Dark Enema, and Kane000 to snack on while they made the five mile trek to the ring.

Following this display of horror were Botch Recliner and Buff Fagwell. It wasn't so much that they were confused about which team they were on, but they were looking for the restroom. With Diper's constant shitting, they thought maybe she knew.

Each member of Darkshit Whoring Fags were wearing King Gunjinn shirts. They thought the shirts said 'Gojinn', their idol.

Botch and Buff were wearing the shirts too. They also thought they were shirts for 'Gojinn'. They couldn't stand that unreliable asshole, but their nipples were cold and it was the only shirt available in 10X. When you're constantly taking steroids, it's difficult to find the right shirt size.

Dirty diapers started falling down from the rafters to the ramp, showering DWF with feces as each diaper exploded on impact. This was too disgusting for even Botch and Buff, who were trying to avoid to diapers with a series of HUH's.

Eventually, Diper caught a diaper right in her mouth and bent over to let out a loud, wet fart in celebration. This caused her saggy, wrinkly tits to lay out across the ramp and both Botch and Buff tripped over them, falling off the sides of the ramp.

The poop parade continued for the rest of the week until the Darkshit Whoring Fags finally reached the ring, the cage hanging over it. It was up to Dark Rectum, Dark Enema, and Kane000 to hoist Diper into the ring since Gidboots and Cunner were busy sucking away at her hairy nipples. This required a crane and took another four days.

Plopping down in the center of the ring, Diper tried to dig a microphone out of her crusty anus. Instead, she pulled out a fistful of shit. Shrugging her jiggly shoulders, she decided to chow down, the rest of her team standing nearby for any dropped morsels.

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