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Posted at 9:01 pm on Apr 25, 2017 by: Team CreatureWrestling
Here to KICK More Darkshit Crusty Anuses O.o;

Botch and Fagwell had no idea where they were and what team they were on..... Diper had bent over by now and her entire team of fuckups hurdled around her crusty cavern of shit anus and feed off of her anus like horny desperate hornets.... the sweet stinging stench of Diper's shit could be smelt from the front row allllllll the way on the other side of the Earth!!! Suddenly, disco balls dangled from the raptors and CreatureMania stage.... Gunther emerged from a chair ascending close to the ring about 3/4 down the 5 mile rampway.... but still, it would take several hours to reach the ring..... but this gave Gunther another opportunity to plug another music video he just made in the men's bathroom only several days ago prior to when Botch and the entire Darkshit Whoring Fags first emerged with this shit for this match!!!!

As Gunther sang while seated on his red hawt chair and with backup singers singing all around..... Alexander Arcane emerged from the entrance followed by the behemoth Goldyke..... she wasn't as big as the empire state building she had been working out for several weeks eating her own shit in preparation for molesting the whore Diper at her own game!!! The extra shit in Goldy's body neutralized the rest of the shit that had been spewled to her by Staphanie McMahon's crabs and she was a fine plump size of only 800 tons..... just shy away of 200 tons from her original weight size!!!! Alex was beside himself......

After a month of Gunther singing and Alex running away from Goldy down the ramp- team CreatureWrestling finally reached the ring and entered into the steel cage. Gunther, however, still did not stop singing while in the cage, and in fact, made several new albums in the cage at the same time!

Meanwhile, Diper had infected her team with a case of KoolAIDS and they were foaming cum at their mouths waiting for shit to ooze out from Diper's hairy tits and Botch, who still did not know what team he was on, was wrestling Fagwell, who also did not know what team he was on, while asleep.... Alex intervened and tried to wake Botch up with a fart of his own which only stunned Botch long enough for Fagwell to hump Botch in the ear..... suddenly, Gunther pauses his singing and picks up a Gunjinn shirt.... he looks at it sideways while feeling himself all over.... and puts on the shirt!!!! IT WAS LIKE A TRANSFORMATION AS GUNTHER NOW BECAME..... QUEEN GUNJINN OF THE OVER OPINIONATED ASSHOLIES NO ONE CARES ABOUT!!!

With the first shit thrown in Gunjinn's face from Diper's bazooka hairy crusty sticky anus....... THE MATCH BEGINS!!!!

"Oooooooooooohh... my DING DING DONG!!"

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