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Posted at 4:40 pm on Apr 26, 2017 by: Botch Recliner (Soon-To-Be Champion)

Botch Recliner didn't care about Lord Mortismere's arrival. He didn't even know who Botch was, let alone Mortis.

Botch was apparently going to walk the five miles to the ring. He'd been offered a ride, but he thought they asked him if he wanted a sex change operation, to which he declared, "HUH? I ALRIGHTY HAVE A VAGINNY!"

As Botch walked, his paper plate belt stuck to the bottom of his boot along with shit stained toilet paper, he let out the occasional burp, fart, queef, and HUH?. At one point, he noticed a fan eating a hotdog. It took two days for him to climb off the ramp and chase the fan down for the hotdog and another three days to eat it (shove it up his ass).

When he returned to the ramp, he tripped over his shoelaces, falling down and taking a six month long nap. After he woke up, he needed to shit out the hotdog and took two weeks to head backstage to find the bathroom.

Three more months later, he decided to give he entrance another shot, his theme still playing. This time, a stage hand stuck their foot out as he passed through the curtain and Botch ended up rolling down the five mile ramp.

"OWWWWWWWWW!" Botch said when he crashed into the ring 12 hours later before throwing up under the apron.

After getting up and wandering around the outside of the ring for 10 months, Botch finally figured out how to get inside. The rest of the participants returned to the ring, having left after growing bored a year ago while waiting for Botch.

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