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Posted at 5:24 pm on Apr 26, 2017 by: Staphanie McMahon (Womens Champion)
Not if I knock your fat ass out WITH MY TITTIES!

Because Goldyke's entrance wasn't disturbing enough, Staphanie decided to come out while riding on top of a giant crab. A 24-inch suction cup dildo was attached to the crab's shell and rammed deep up her ass. The resulting orgasms sent crabs shooting down the ramp out of her vagina.

The fans closest to the five mile ramp were splashed with crab juice, causing burning skin and nausea, their vomit adding to the mess on the ramp.

As the first of the crabs spewing forth from Staph's wretched vagina reached the ring, Goldy spit out the ring apron she was trying to consume and started scooping up the little critters with both chubby hands, shoving their squirming, screaming bodies down her throat. For her, it was truly a seafood buffet. She didn't even stop eating when Staph and the giant crab reached the ring.

Climbing off of the dildo, the long, rubber penis flopping around and slinging flecks of shit into the crowd as well, Staphanie walked off of the back of the crab onto Goldy's back, allowing her to step right into the ring.

Reaching elbow deep into her dripping vagina, Staph pulled out a slimy microphone, stray crabs holding onto it for dear life, and said, "Goldy, whenever you get done stuffing your face, I'm RIGHT HERE! I'll beat the piss out of you and prove yet again why I'm the only bitch around here WORTHY OF WEARING THIS BELT!"

Dropping the mic, Staph peeling off the sticky Woman's Championship from around her waist and shoved it into the ref's hesitant hands.

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