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Posted at 10:25 pm on Apr 28, 2017 by: ?????
Love Yourself... and It will be Alright!

Anndddddddd with the last entrant, the match begins!!! Almost immediately, Shi engaged Deadblood with stunning sentai kicks and Devastating headbutts.... Botch, on the other hand, was peeing from the center of the ring in a circle.... Lord Mortismere got caught with his piss as it stringed his right eye. While half-blinded, Mortismere stumbled into Botch and the two easily went down to the mat.

Thinking that Mortis was getting frisky- Botch called Mortis a "FATTT ASSES" and that he wouldn't get any "SYMPY" from Botch as he tried to pull back on Mortis' pinky to no prevail.

After finally the last drop of Botch's acid piss left the Demon Lord's right eye-- Mortismere clubs Botch in the head sending the steroid moron into slumberland.....

Then, Mortismere got up and saw that at this time Deadblood was placed on the top of the turbuckle but Shi climbed the middle rope in order to setup Dead in a superplex... but Mortismere took this opportunity to engage by lifting Shi in a powerpomb as Deadblood was also lifted up in a suplex position!!! Mortismere exerted enormous, awe-inspiring, strength from his over 7 foot frame lifting up the two wrestlers--- but suddenly out of nowhere a dangerous asleep Botch super kicks the hell out of Mortismere with so much force, so much technical precision that as Mortismere fell back- Shi landed on top of Mortis and Deadblood also landed on top of Mortis' chest!!!!

The impact made waves in the ring apron and Botch intricately lifted the downed Mortismere and suplexed the 7 foot giant OVER AND TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE ROPE ELIMINATING THE BIG EVIL!!!!!

When Deadblood came too and saw what just happened he was shocked!!!! Then, Botch turned around, with his eyes closed and snoring and even pointed right at Deadblood as his next victim when......


GUNTHER APPEARS FROM HIGH ABOVE THE RING ON A PLATFORM SUSPENDED WITH WIRES!!!! Gunther looked to have just came from an alternate future as he sported a new futuristic look and was singing his brand new song with some other helper that doesn't matter because Gunther is much more important and sexy.........

"mmMMM you have the power to give me a SHOT!!! GIVE ME THE POWER TO TURN IT ON!!! AWWHHH.... MMMMMM!!

As the platform caught on fire from Gunther doing the ding dong head bop too many times- burning all of his singers on the plateform while at it- The European SEX God jumps off of the platform and splashes right into Botch in the ring!!!! Gunther quickly got back up on his feet with his mic and continued to sing as the lights dimmed and the disco balls were rolling!!!

"Oooooooooooohh... my DING DING DONG!!"

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