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Posted at 9:13 pm on May 1, 2017 by: Staphanie McMahon (Womens Champion)

"GET YOUR FAAAAAAAAAT ASS BACK IN THIS RING, BITCH!" Staphanie screeched as Goldyke ate the hotdog in one bite. "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!"

Goldy was too distracted with food now however to deal with Staph. Spotting the hotdog vendor in the crowd, she crushed more fans to death climbing her way to hotdog heaven. The vendor spotted the golden blob before she could reach him and he screamed in terror, throwing the tray of hotdogs into the air and running away. When Goldy reached the hotdogs, now scattered across the floor, she sat on a row of fans before shoving the hotdogs into her mouth ten at a time.

When Goldy was finished eating, she let out a fart that instantly killed everyone within its vicinity and she rolled over more of the crowd to return to the ring. Staph was in a corner standing on the ropes now, the top of the steel turnbuckle post crammed into her vagina as she watched for her opponent's return. Crashing right through the crowd barricade, Goldy looked up at Staph and spit yellow mist at her.

Michael Cole: "Was that... piss?!"

It was piss, which Staphanie realized as she licked at her face. Most people would have been disgusted by such an act and run backstage to take a scolding hot shower. Not Staph though. She loved golden showers. So much so, she felt turned on by the golden mist and unveiled her inflatable titties. Squeezing them, she sprayed white mist all over Goldy's face.

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