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Posted at 10:47 pm on May 1, 2017 by: Red Spyder (Dual Core Champion)
I don't know which one of you I'd like to murder first.

The second the bell rang, fists started flying between Red Spyder and Darkspade. Not a new a situation for them, but the reasons behind it were. It was a rage, a hatred for each other stronger than anything that had ever existed between them. With each punch he threw, Red could only think of Angel and Lil Red. Of HIS family's happiness and this Unholy Prick was ruining it.

Though Spade was throwing plenty of his own punches, Red's anger allowed him to overpower Spade into the corner. Wrapping both hands around Spade's throat, he proceeded to choke him, forcing his head back against the turnbuckle. From the outside, Angel watched with her hands over her mouth while Hra'gad watched with a smile of amusement. Their hatred for each other was his joy.

Red didn't get to choke Spade for long because he brought his own hands up to push away Red's arms before headbutting him. Dazed, the Guardian of Wickedness stumbled away and Spade ran up behind him, planting him face first into the mat with a one-handed bulldog. Rolling him over, Spade then gave him a leg drop across the throat before returning the favor by choking him against the mat.

Hra'gad's smile only grew at watching his father getting attacked. Not wanting to let Spade have all the fun, he finally stepped towards them and gave the Unholy One a front dropkick to the face. This broke the choke and knocked Spade onto his back. Rising back to his feet, Hra'gad looked down at Red, who was even more dazed from the oxygen deprivation.

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