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Posted at 11:06 pm on May 1, 2017 by: GOLDY

..... and most people would be screaming to have gasoline poured on them and lit on fire if they were sprayed by white mist from Staph's titties..... BUT NOT GOLDY!!!!! THE GOLDEN ONE WAS HORNY AND TOOK HER WHALE ARMS AND RUBBED STAPHS WHITE MIST ALL OVER AND UP THE INNER MOIST LAYERS OF HER FATTY FAT..... THE LEFTOVER MIST WAS SQUEEZED FROM GOLDY'S WRINKLY CREVASSES AND DRIPPED ON THE CANVAS LIKE A MOUNT OF LUST.... even Staph's jaw dropped as Goldy flopped down on the canvas floor and rolled her bod into the white mist while squirting the white mist up in her mouth into the air promptly splattering in the ref's eyes burning them!!!!

Staphanie didn't know what to make of this but the sweet nectar of Staph's white mist attracted an armada of crabs that sailed out of Staph's vagina in hollowed out larva pods towards the Golden continent that was in the middle of the sea of white mist....... Goldy saw the crabs and thought they were miniature hotdogs and scooped up all of the crabs up, complete with the larva pods too, and GOBBLED THEM UP LIKE CANDY!!!!

Staph mouth puckered up as she realized that her crabs liked Goldy's mouth better.... but then before you know it, Goldy lifted her legs like a hydraulic system and let go such a MASSIVE SHIT STORM OF A FART that Staphanie flew 10 feet and slammed down chest first into the mat but her boobies helped break her fall..... Goldy "TEE HEEED" as she gobbled up the last bucket of crabs and went over to Staphanie while spanking her boobies sending shockwaves causing Staphanie to roll close to the edge of the apron to the outside!!!

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