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Posted at 11:59 pm on May 4, 2017 by: Spade Deathen
Always resorting to violence I see? How about a friendly hug followed by a spear first?

No one could properly prepare for whatever "fighting style" Hra'gad could present.... it was still unclear how the time convergence would work.... but one thing was for certain, certain powers were not inhibited but admitted in the match! and that was first experienced by Hra'gad raising his right hand which made Red Spyder levitate 10 feet into the air and then as Hra'gad clenched his first did Red Spyder fall thunderously to the mat with authority.... rumbling the entire ring!!!

Spade Deathen rose from being knocked off onto his back and answered Hra'gad in only Spade can with a Gothicrusher snap spear!!! Hra'gad toppled to the ground with Spade now on top of the mysterious form- sharply driving forearm after forearm downward into Hra'gad's mystic fucked up face!!! Then suddenly- Red Spyder connects with a forearm club to the back of Spade's exposed head.....

Red remained on Spade Deathen implanting the heaviest fists that he could on Spade's face... but as Red turned around for an even charged up roundhouse kick to finish things up-- Spade Deathen counters with a deep clothesline!! Red Spyder instantly falls but then Spade quickly raises Red back up and then kicked-punched-kicked-speared Red into one of the turnbuckle corners!!! Red was dazed-- and so Spade capitalized by lifting Red Spyder up to the top of the rope and Spade climbed-- the fans screamed in awe as Spade leaped from the middle rope and connected with an Unholy Dynamite kick soaring Red over the top rope to the outside of the ring..... Spade rose to his feet and he climbed the top turnbuckle again for another flying attack but as he leaped off, the countdown from the CreatureTron went from 10 to 0... Everyone also froze!!!

The Absolute Undisputed title glistened and emitted a strange eerie wave of energy which in its range sent the space it existed in the range to be hurled through time until the spacial distortion sent the entire ring in the middle of the Arabian Desert at some point in time whether it be past, present of the future....

The wrestlers then unfroze.... Spade lost track in the middle of the leap he was in- and Red manages to dropkick Spade in the chest which caused enormous harm!! Spade ricocheted off of Red's boot and smashed his head into a ruin of a statue that protruded out from the hot desert sands.

Red Spyder rose to his feet, though still dazed, he looked around 360 degrees and he saw no arena... no fans.... only endless sands and pieces of ruins scattered with a temple in the distance.

Meanwhile, back in the arena, the fans saw a gigantic energy dome that surrounded the ring... they could see the wrestlers and the Absolute Undisputed title belt was still danging on its wire but the end part of the wire, along with the title on it, was inside of the dome.... it made sense how this was designed... the fans could still see the match and the title was still dangling in the air somewhere in the reality the wrestlers were in..... but the wrestlers in the dome could not see the arena nor the fans......

Then, back in the temporal distortion, Hra'gad grinned with a haunting smile and his crimson red eyes also illuminated... the enigmatic being proceeded to cross the desert in the direction of the faraway temple...... he might know where the belt is at!

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