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Posted at 4:41 pm on May 5, 2017 by: Team Diper

As much as crushing Diper's fat ass with her own fat ass would have amused Goldy, seeing the amount of shit plastered to Queen Gunjinn's face was too much for her. Stomping over to Gunjinn, rattling the whole ring and cage, she picked him up in both hands and started licking his face clean.

Still believing Gunjinn was Gojinn, Diper farted in her team's face, the force of the grimy wind blowing them back into the wall of the cage, and waddled over to Goldy. Grabbing Goldy by the shoulders and spinning her around, Diper said, "LET GO OF MY PROPERTY! YANNO!"

Goldy dropped Gunjinn to the mat and proceeded to flop her golden gut into Diper's hairy gut, knocking her backwards into the corner. Rolling across the mat, propelled by farts, Goldy then smashed into Diper with a cannonball. Due to the force of the move and the weight of both fat asses, the steel turnbuckle post bent in half.

Stepping away from Diper and spinning around, Goldy spread her tractor trailer sized ass cheeks and took a dump on Diper. "TEE HEE!"

On the other side of the ring, Botch and Buff were even more confused about what was going on. Where were they? Whose team were they on? Who were they? Why couldn't Botch stop peeing? Those were just a few questions they were asking each other as they measured each others' dickdog.

They were interrupted when Gidboots wandered over, looking for his girlfriend, Diper, before talking at them about his stick figure drawings. Growing bored with Gidboots and falling asleep, Gidboots didn't realize the danger he was in until Botch grabbed him and raised him up for a powerbomb. Easily able to hold Gidboots in place thanks to his peaks, this gave Buff plenty of time to figure out how to climb to the top rope and nail Gidboots with a missile dropkick, sending him crashing off of Botch's shoulders to the mat. Buff lacked Botch's sleepwalking wrestling skills however and ended up knocking him over too. Waking up on top of Botch, he proceeded to rub his dickdog against Botch's rock hard chest.

While Dark Rectum, Dark Enema, and Kane000 were distracted with digging Diper out of the pile of shit, Cunner noticed Alex gazing at the insanity occurring around him and wandered over. Startled, Alex looked at Cunner, only for Cunner to start shrieking at him.

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