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Posted at 6:16 pm on May 5, 2017 by: Botch Recliner (Soon-To-Be Champion)

It was four days before Botch even walked out onto the stage. Two of the days were spent with Alexander Arcane trying to convince him to ride in a limo to the ring. Alex gave up in frustration after that and it took Botch another two days to find his way to the curtain.

By this time, Triple Nose had Staphanie sitting on the ropes with her legs spread wide. His face was positioned against her crab hole with his nose crammed deep up there.

Botch didn't make it on to the five mile ramp, becoming distracted for two weeks by a piece of gum stuck on the ramp. Bending over, his tights sliding down to expose his thong, he tried to pry up the piece of gum, believing it was actually a condom he could use after the match with one of the many lucky women he'd given his room numb to.

Once he had the gum, Botch put it in his tights and headed backstage, forgetting entirely that he had a match. Fortunately for the PPV's run time, Alex expected this and was waiting just behind the curtain to turn Botch around and send him back out. It only took three days to get him turned around.

With Botch finally headed down the ramp, leaving a trail of piss behind him, it still took him two weeks to make it to ringside. Once Botch navigated his way into the ring another month later, Triple Nose backed away from Staph and spit crab juice into the crowd, the toxic waste melting the faces of those in the first three rows.

Believing Staph's gaping crab hole was a urinal, Botch walked over to the corner she was propped up in, pulled down his tights, and started peeing inside her. Someone besides himself peeing on or in his sister infuriated Chane and Triple Nose moved up behind Botch as the bell rang.

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