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Posted at 7:47 pm on May 5, 2017 by: Staphanie McMahon (Womens Champion)

Looking up as Goldyke lifted one of her own fat tits to her mouth and sucked at the golden nipple, Staphanie screeched, "YOU GOLDEN SKANK!"

Farting, the milk between her giant ass cheeks bubbling from the gas, Goldy let out a, "TEE HEE!"

Screaming, Staph grabbed her own tits, flinging them around and squeezing them, spraying more milk all over the place. Walking around to the other side of the ring before she climbed in, Staph and Goldy circled each other. Staph squeezed her tits more, shooting milk onto the mat, and Goldy squeezed her golden rump, digging mindlessly into her anus.

Slapping her tits together, Staph then said, "I am better than you AND YOU KNOW IT! There can only be ONE CW WHORE'S CHAMPION AROUND HERE AND IT'S ME!"

Goldy was hardly hearing anything Staph said, distracted by her playing with her titties and ended up rolling into her. Knocking Staph to the mat, Goldy squeezed her globdrillion dollar implants for herself and lapped at the milk that squirted into the air. Reaching into her ass cheeks again with one hand, Goldy dug out a hunk of shit and smashed it into a flat, round shape before dipping it into the milk like a cookie.

Helplessly trapped underneath Goldy, Staphanie screamed and tried to wiggle free, only causing crabs to launch out from her vagina due to the pressure. "GET OFF ME! GET OFF BEFORE I HAVE YOU FIRED!"

With a fart, Goldyke obliged, rising to her feet, only to fall back down onto Staph with a seated senton. However, she landed right on Staph's inflatable boobs and was propelled back up, landing on the blinded referee instead. The impact finished him off, crushing him flat, sending blood shooting out from underneath Goldy.


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