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Posted at 1:54 am on May 8, 2017 by: GOLDY

After the ref was crushed dead and the blood splattered in all directions.... Goldy tried to roll around in the blood to get all oiled up & spanked that FINE cellulite pudding wrinkly cream golden pie of an ass sending shockwaves in all directions!! The shockwave helped lift Goldy from the mat and even bounce her legendary golden rump right into Staph's boobs which made a loud "POP"!......

When Staph came too- she noticed that her right boob had deflated from the impact!!!! "ARGUH DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM I AM IMPORTANT UNLIKE YOU!!!"

With a slippery wet sticky fart, Goldy dug deeper than she ever has before inside of her chasmeous ass-vault of goodies and pulled out what looked to be a sizable amount of string shit spaghetti...... The shit string was super durable as Goldy twirled the shit in the ring until it resembled a whip.... At first, and with another long drawn out series of rough farts for several days, Goldy attempted to jump rope with the shit string but she couldn't lift even her big toe off of the mat enough to jump!!!!!

Meanwhile, Staphanie finally was not only able to use the lime green gooey fart ass to fill up her deflated tit but with the shear amount of the gas in the ring she promptly filled up BOTH of her tits to be so big that her tits were bigger than even Goldy's sizable rump of a golden legendary ASS......


With another fart, Goldy "TEE HEEE''d for 3 weeks and then used the shit whip to snap around Staph's crab infested sticky lake of a vagina and pulled out most of gas that she used to inflate her tits.... but before Goldy could get all of the gas out from Staph's house of horrors, Staphanie queefed so hard and so long and so sticky that the caca shit whip petrified and broke off from the touch of it!!!

With yet another fart, Goldy "TEE HEEE''d while spanking her ass for another 3 more weeks until Staphanie screeeeeecccched with her long drawn out annoying chalk on a chalk board voice along with bouncing with her tits up into the air which then she came thunderously down on top of Goldy!!!!!!!

The fans were in shock as all of the farts contained deep inside of Goldy's cavernous horde of a legendary golden ass spilled out!!!! The gas which touched any unfortunate fan instantly disintegrated upon impact....

But with one more good fart left in Goldy.... she wrapped her dinosaur flabby arms around Staphanie and squeezed the juice out from her.... they were also in a position 69 at that point and as sure enough the 'juice' came roaring out from their disgust slits and filled each of their mouths with discount juices sending the rest of the live fans vomiting on each other....

"TEE HEEE!!!!!!"

Oh, and finally a new ref came running to the ring after running for several days down the 5 mile rampway!!!

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