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Posted at 7:47 pm on May 10, 2017 by: Red Spyder (Dual Core Champion)
It's too late for hugs. I'd much rather just stab you with a spear.

Despite the importance of the match, Hra'gad was quite casual in his walk towards the temple ruins.

Red couldn't let Hra'gad find the Absolute belt, but he couldn't let Spade participate in the match any longer either. He was only going to be a problem and besides, Red owed him one after he abducted Lil Red. Glancing around, he spotted a few wooden handles sticking out of the sand. Grabbing the nearest one with both hands, he pulled until it came free. It was a spear. The wood was brittle and the metallic tip was rusted, though still sharp enough to slice open his fingertip when he touched it.

Spade was still down, his head resting against the statue he collided with. A trickle of blood ran down the rough stone from the side of his skull.

Raising the spear into the air over his shoulder to throw it at Spade, Red said, "I never did care much for you anyway, but just remember: you brought this on yourself, you bastard!"

Spade wasn't nearly as out of it as he portrayed. He rolled to safety as Red threw the spear with deadly accuracy, the sharp tip striking the statue and snapping off, making the weapon mostly useless. As Red turned in surprise toward Spade, he was met with a handful of sand to the eyes.

Red rubbed at his stinging, blinded eyes as he tried to stumble away from Spade to put some distance between them. "A cheap trick! I should have expected no less from you! BASTARD!"

Red's ranting prevented him from hearing Spade's running footsteps. Scooping up the handle of the broken spear along the way, the Unholy One to pressed it against the Guardian of Wickedness' throat and knocked him backwards into the sand. Spade pressed down as hard as he could to choke Red, looking Red in the eyes as he struggled for air. Red's own hands pressed back at the handle, trying to push it away or even break the creaking wood but unable to budge it, especially once Spade leaned in to put even more of his weight on it.

"This might not kill you, but leaving your unconscious body here for eternity sounds just as good!" Spade said with a laugh. "No one's going to miss you except for Angel! And even she'll forget about you in due time!"

As he started to fade, Red couldn't even focus enough to deliver a blast of Wickedness. Only one thing could save him.

As if sensing its owner's desperation, the Monster Beef quickly grew to life. Sliding out of Red's pants, it looked around and sniffed at the arid climate. Turning to find Spade, it clubbed its thick flesh into his back, knocking him forward off of Red.

Coughing and try to get air back into his body, Red smacked the handle of the spear away. A close call, yet once again he could rely on the Beef.

Spade quickly rose to his feet, confused about what happened. His eyes widened when he saw the head of the Beef hovering over Red, hissing at Spade like a snake. "I'll remove you, vile pest!" He picked up another spear from the sand, just as sharp as the first. Turning back to Red and the Beef for its removal, he saw that Red was trying to stand.

Spade ran in with his weapon, ready to strike, but Red reached out and grabbed the handle of the spear with his own hands, trying to wrench it free from Spade's grasp. Both men grunted and struggled until Spade slipped in the sand and fell back.

Now was his chance at getting the upper hand. Acting fast, Red placed a boot on Spade's chest and finally yanked the spear free. Spinning the ancient weapon around, he thrust it down into Spade's gut, penetrating his flesh. Letting himself fall slightly, the weight placed on the spear was enough to force it through Spade's back and into the sand.

Spade didn't scream, but he did writhe in immense pain. Blood poured out of him into the sand, staining it crimson.

Stepping back, Red admired his work as he stuffed the Beef back into his pants before saying, "Fuck! You!"

Ready to focus on Hra'gad, he could barely see him in the distance, still walking like he was on a stroll through a park. Taking one look back at Spade, he started running after Hra'gad, determined to catch him and stop him too.

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