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Posted at 8:45 pm on May 10, 2017 by: Staphanie McMahon (Womens Champion)

This new referee came equipped with a gas mask. He quickly learned however that it wasn't enough. Goldyke bent over as soon as he slid in the ring, spread her golden buns wide so the world could she her golden hole, and farted right in the ref's face. Some shit flew out along with the gas and landed on his mask and skin, burning his skin as well as the mask.

He pulled the mask off, but that only made the situation worse, his lungs filled with Goldy's farts until he ended up vomiting into her asshole. Goldy TEE HEE'd, spun around with her ass still spread, and ejected the ref's vomit from her anus into Staphanie's face. Staph's mouth was open in mid-screech and she ended up swallowing most of the ass vomit.

Goldy spun around and looked at Staph curiously, licked her lips as liquid shit and vomit mixed together dripped from Staph's gaping mouth. She could hear Staph's stomach rumbling and a moment later, diarrhea caused by the ass vomit started shooting out from between Staph's legs. Crabs joined the diarrhea, forcing out of Staph's vagina by the pressure of her intestines trying to process the ass vomit. The ring was going to have to be burned by the time the match was over in another five years.

Even as Staph's crab and diarrhea expulsion continued, Goldy reached down to start eating, the liquid shit covering the crabs leaking out from between her fingers. The crowd's vomiting continued and in her excitement at that reaction, Goldy let out another huge fart that blew the referee right out of the ring the floor that was quickly flooding with the crowd's vomit. Considering what happened to the last referee though, it could have been considered merciful.

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