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Posted at 8:51 am on May 14, 2017 by: Triple Nose

The Hra'gad possessed Triple Nose did not waste any time in engaging Botch with the first move: a suplex which shook the entire ring!!! Botch stood up partially while holding his back and screaming "HUH!? in bewilderment. Triple Nose blew a kiss in the air at Staphanie who was parading on the outside leaving a trail of squishy crabs behind....

As Triple goes for a Pedophile, Botch sneezes on to Triple a hornets nest of crabs which must have laid eggs in Botch's nose quite some time ago!!!

In the distraction, Botch gets on all fours and fails at trying to do push ups and instead falls asleep for for another 5 weeks.

By then, Botch was picked up by the ambulance to the new arena where the White House and its surrounding structures once stood as CreatureMania XXIX: Piss and Shit continued where they left off a year ago.....

Micheal Cole: **while eating his shitdog and slurping on his piss soda** Well we begin again!!! This time last year on CreatureMania: Premium Beef, Triple Nose had Botch where he wanted him....

King: Yeee haaa he sure did just like when he has Staphanie by her floppy tether balls, Micheal! I can't wait to see how Triple is going to anually molest Botch in the middle of that ring!!!

JBL: Welll I darn hoping that they will get to molesting before we get into another CreatureMania! I still have to go pee since the LAST event, Micheal!

Micheal Cole: *opens his mouth wide to receive* Piss in here JBL! I am used to this position.

JBL: **unzips his pants** Okay here goes ol' faithful!!! DOWN THE HATCH!!!

King: **takes pictures with his camera while jacking off** OOOH OHHH DO ME NEXT DO ME!!!

The new arena featured, literately, shit hanging from the ceiling and a gigantic statue of Staphanie McMahon sat seductively peeing at the entrance... from a cut out entrance where Staph's vagina is, the ambulance speeds out at close to 90mph down the 13 mile long rampway to the new arena in the center of this massive arena.

A month already into this new event, Botch was carefully placed in the center of the ramp where Triple Nose gets ready to drive an elbow drop in the heart of Botch's dick but suddenly, Botch rolls out of the way and launches with a forearm smash turned into a vertical suplex sending Triple Nose wheeling to the outside of the ring.... Botch made a loud snore as he rolled up into a small ball while farting out shit from his anus for the next 3 months.

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