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Posted at 9:20 am on May 14, 2017 by: Hragad
You two can have your spear, I want MY belt!

The scene then crossfades with an overhead view of the entrance to the temple showcasing Hra'gad casually walking in.... Then an extreme close up showing Hra'gad smiling devilishly.... it was also apparent that he was regaining much of his powers back as his body was becoming more and more solid as time presses on.

Then.... in the far distance.... passed a labyrinth of traps was the Absolute Undisputed Championship!!! It was suspended in air by a rusty ancient chain right above a molten lava pit with barely a few stepping stones to use to get to it. Hra'gad's crimson red eyes glistened as he could feel the spirit in the belt calling to him. But suddenly, from behind, Red Spyder smacks Hra'gad in the head with the Beef sending the monster falling down a flight of ancient steps to a platform below.... Red rose his right hand and shot thunderous Wickedness at Hra'gad... but again, the Wickedness did only but sting at Hra'gad. A normal person would have died with that shot.

So, Red jumps on top of his Beef and slides down the steps like a skateboard and leaps into the air to connect with Hra'gad!!! When the two collided the entire temple shook from the impact but that did not slow down the two.... as they exchanged punches back and forth while rolling around on the platform..... "DAD YOU NEED TO DIE"..... "YOU NEED TO SHUT FUCK UP". Then, from entrance, Spade Deathen stood watching them squirm around like kids at the platform below.... The Unholy One runs down the steps, ignoring the two, and enters into the labyrinth headed to the belt in the distance!

Hra'gad was the first to rise and as he reaches his hand out to strangle Red with his mind- Hra'gad notices Spade was halfway to the title belt!!!

But before Hra'gad could get going- the Beef wraps around Hra'gad's ankle and slings him into the side of a stone pillar sending it crashing on top of his son..... Pinned, Hra'gad could only reach out to Red as The Guardian of Wickedness proceeds after Spade Deathen into the labyrinth of traps.....

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