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Posted at 9:49 am on May 14, 2017 by: GOLDY

....after Goldy finished licking off the liquid shit and crabs, she felt the insane urge to bare down and shit in the middle of the ring!!! The camera zoomed in extra close to Goldy's anus to view the first emergence of a shit head from her layers upon layers of fat around her six sphincters!!! However, the shit was so compressed by Goldy's shear weight that the shit turned into diamonds as it lunged out from her hole!

The fans were in awe as Goldy was shitting diamonds and even made people who were still vomiting hop over the ramp to snatch them as they flew from Goldy's crack.

Meanwhile, Staphanie was arguing to the fans while showing off her tits when Goldy comes around and queefs in her face!!! The venomous queef was so strong and toxic that everyone who was gathering the diamonds felt something sticky in their hands.... the acid queef eroded the diamonds and now everyone was covered in sticky tacky Golden shit!!

Goldy sniffed the air like a hound dog: and mistaken her own tacky Golden shit on everyone as mustard and the people, in Goldy's mind, turned into gigantic hotdogs!!!! With a massive fart-queef-shit she "TEE HEE'd" herself over to the fans in the ring and devoured them whole!!!

Staphanie wasn't done with Goldy yet and so she scoops up a mount of shit covered crabs off of the ring floor and THROWS IT IN GOLDY'S FACE!! Goldy turned around, licking the shit-covered-crabs off her face like a cartoon character...

With another fart and a "TEE HEE", Goldy spanks her fine wrinkly sticky ass and grabs a chunk of shit too off of the floor but then vomits up a skeleton into the shit and mixes it up in the shit before throwing it at Staphanie!!!! But, Staphanie had to squat as some crabs were itching down there- eating into her flesh- and the shit ball hits the new Ref who was about to enter into the ring!!! The impact killed the Ref and all of the shit and bones and crabs and urine squirted out in all directions showering the fans who were constantly vomiting the whole entire time!!!!

Goldy felt mildy responsible for not eating the loose flesh that was left behind by the crabs and goes over to stick her tongue up into Staphanie's shaft to help..... but as Goldy was able to stick her golden tongue up into Staphanie's shaft all of a sudden, the fans were up on their feet in shock as.................

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