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Posted at 10:10 am on May 14, 2017 by: Gunther (The Freakn European SEX God)

Gunther was now onto his next song as he literately removed his pants exposing a gigantic patch of hair in place of where a genital should be.....

"You touched my Tra la la? Mmmm..... Deep in the throat... I AM LOOKING for some FUN!!!! DEEP IN THE ANUS I am looking for some DICK!

Hearing the familiar words 'ANUS and DICK'.... Botch thought that he had won the match and does a victory fart sending the mullet on Gunther's head soaring into the air and landing right on DB's head as he was laying down the punches on Shi!!!!

The mullet was saturated with sticky slimy smelly pre-cum!! DB tried jumped off of the turnbuckle- sending Shi face first down- and tries to tear the mullet off of his head but the pre-cum stick the mullet on!!!!

Gunther was now on all fours with his mic still in his right hand trying to sniff where his mullet went when Botch decided to pull down his tights and pee on top of Gunther's back leaving a yellow streak of piss down his back!!


"Oooooooooooohh... my DING DING DONG!!"

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