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Posted at 11:00 am on May 14, 2017 by: Alexander R Arcane II
Oh.... my.....Gawd.

Cunner was shrieking at Alexander Arcane something about having no pride for not voting for any of the two jackass Presidential candidates that sucked balls over 15 years ago- when all of a sudden, Cunner took out a shit covered mask with the letter "K" on its forehead as Alexander farted in his face.

In pretending that he was his alter ego, no not Kadic Sodomistic, but his other other alter ego Khole..... Cunner paraded around the ring as Khole leaving a trail of dung behind him for Gidboots to scoop up with his hands to eat with. Alexander just shook his head but then off to the side, Diper was being molested by The Dark Rectum after being pulled from the mount of shit and Goldy was "TEE HEEEing" sending fart bombs one at a time into The Dark Enema and Kane00000000!!

The constant endless wave of farts made Buff Fagwell horny and joined in on molesting Diper in the mouth but the constant molesting made Diper lay an egg which rolled down the mount of shit and to Alex's feet..... Alex was lost for words and picks up the egg when he felt it move.... and then, before you know it, it cracked open revealing a baby Angel's Lardass!!!

The baby girl looked up at Alex with its manly eyes and thought it was her mother!! Alex SCREAMED like he has never SCREAMED before and throws the baby back into Diper's ass.... Alex realized that he slipped his entire arm into Diper's ass without thinking about what he just did at out disgust over the ugly Lardass and got stuck inside..... Alex could feel that there was endless chasm of shit still trapped waiting to be exploded out of her anus inside of Diper - when all of a sudden Gidboots needed some nourishment and reached over, still molesting her in her ear, and demanded milk from his girlfriend's hairy nipples.....

Alex was disgusted as Diper squeezed her hairy nipples letting the KoolAID flow like a river down Gidboot's face and mouth...... Alex could feel Diper's ironclad anus jaws loosen up and as he slid his hand covered in a beehive sized mount of shit out he flung the shit aside smacking it across Botch's face in the distance.... this knocked Botch back into sleep and then he reached over Khole with a thunderous snapping suplex breaking Khole's neck and the mask fell off in the process.....

Cunner tried to crawl like a spoiled stupid bitch that he is when even The Dark Rectum, with years and years of putting up with Conner's misspelling and horrible grammar, pulled out his shit covered arrow bombs and sparked one off into Cunner's ass..... The Dark Enema also saw that Cunner was defenseless and with inner hatred and jealousy mounting up for well over fifteen years of not getting any from Diper- he too joined in the fun and pulled apart Cunner's anus so wide that The Dark Enema stepped into Cunner's body and pee'd and shitted inside!!!

This continued onward for a good 6 more months with Gunjinn amassed several golden records while making the songs in the ring- when Goldy was done eating all of the shit that was left in the ring and then as she farted, the shit that she ate emerged in the presence of the ill-fated former CWF President Trum...err SupersDick!!!!!

The presence of their once demi-glory-hole god made all of the Darkshits bow down accepting Superslick's "offerings" in the format of his urine streams from his vagina hole.

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