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Posted at 11:27 pm on May 21, 2017 by: GOLDY

As 9 more months pressed on of Goldy licking the vomit spread off of Botch's face- Staphany was knitted a net with dried out crab cum and then threw it on top of Goldy and accidentally Botch as well!

Botch was sniffing the sweat gasses fuming from Goldy's golden farts- he had no other choice as his entire body, except for his feet, were now submerged inside of Goldy's grand canyon of a rectum!! Once deep and I do mean DEEP inside of Goldy's passageways he could see what had happened to Stoned Cold Steve Asstin as Asstin was for all of this time has been helping shove out the massive mountains of continuous shit pouring out from Goldy's lower intestines with a shit stained shovel. Asstin could feel a tug and looks back in the tunnel with his miner's flashlight helmet at Botch!!! The two stared at each other awkwardly for several months when all of a sudden Goldy's tummy rumbled more than usual and in the distance in the tunnel came roaring out a river of caca golden DIARRHEA and more gas!!!! Botch and Asstin storm out from Goldy's sweat ass and even burst out from Staphanie's knitted crab net....

Asstin was now FREE at last and followed the smell of cheap beer in the crowds- making sure to touch everyone with his shit coated hands- and then Goldy rolled onto her side like a steam roller to squish Stephanie with a pin... even though that this match wasn't even suppose to be a one-fall match!!

Botch was disorientated with all of the shit coated gas that suddenly pumped out of Goldy's rectum that he got on his hands and knees and did pushups for several more months until Goldy finally managed to get up on her feet, rising up one millimeter a day, and went over to check on Botch-- but suddenly from out of nowhere- Staphanie also gets up and turns Goldy over and FLASHED HER SAGGY HAIRY TITS MAKING GOLDY'S EYES GO BLIND!!!!

Goldy fell like a great old 1,000 year old tree and Staph suddenly vomited coating Goldy until she wasn't Gold anymore.... more like Limegray with chunks of corn. Staph slowly spread her ancient long legs releasing all of the cobwebs and dried cum stuck inside of her love slit-

squatted RIGHT on top of Goldy's face and sunk her vagina down until it swallowed Goldy's entire face and her 90 chins!!! While, for good measure, Staphanie slapped each one of her tits until they bounced back and forth like a pendulum (and squashing the crabs that were stuck in-between them)

Surprisingly, the sound of crushed crabs against two gigantic mounts of human flesh made Botch wake up and see the pin attempt..... Botch walks over and in several days goes down for a count...................

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