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Posted at 12:15 am on May 28, 2017 by: Alexander Arcane (The CW Promoter)
Long Awaited..... SO NEEDED..... Return.


Every single body stood up in shock as The Promoter of Creature Wrestling himself exited out from the CreatureMania Entrance in one of his luxurious sportscars!!! Alexander drove down the 5 mile rampway going 90 mph and stops just inches from the wrestling ring.....

The door opened- and out exited the fabled Promoter of the greatest Wrestling organization that this entire world has ever seen!! But Alexander's face was stern and purposeful. He also looked to have lost a lot of sleep and ready to speak his mind..... The camera view shifted around the ring as Alexander entered it.... he was meet with hundreds of thousands in attendance- shattering an all time World attendance record, again!!

Finally as Alexander grabs the mic he looks straight at the camera--

"It's only been weeks for you but its been years for me that I stepped into this ring!! Allow me to briefly explain. Awh hum. I was locked up in my room because of a bunch of morons... I traveled into the future.... came back to the past... past even where we were suppose to go and then finally found out way to the present. In ALL of my 17+ years in running this crazy CreatureWrestling - never have I ever experienced such insanity and crabs.... oh.... so much crabs *shudders*.... but that experience opened my eyes wider than they ever have before and that is why I am personally in this very ring here tonight."

Micheal Cole: I don't know what the Promoter has on his mind but its great to see him pumped!!!!

King: Did he say "crabs"!?"

"Clearly there is something WRONG in CreatureWrestling. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go there is a disregard for keeping things 'clean' and what I mean is all of the FILTH that we see spewed on our CW Network night after night all because of two SICKENING siblings that more than deserve each other..... I more than saw, I experienced the future that these people have made and I vow to NEVER have that future be the one for ourselves.... that is why, effective immediately..... Chane and Staphanie McMahon you two are both FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-----"

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