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Posted at 10:46 pm on Jun 1, 2017 by: Staphanie McMahon (Womens Champion)
Mmm... that made me... SO... wet!

As if to prove Alexander Arcane's point that CW was full of filth, a giant Slip 'N Slide was rolled down the ramp. Staphanie McMahon stood at the top watching it roll, wearing a bikini, her fat bulging around the edges. Two rows of men filed out behind her to line both sides of the slide. Once they were in place two days later, they proceeded to open their pants and pee on the slide.

With a wink at Alex, Staph hopped onto the Slip 'N Slide and rode her way to the ring, propelled by piss. The friction of her fat against the rubber of the slide sent a spray of pee onto the men as well as into the crowd. Halfway down the ramp, her top ripped off, revealing her saggy, fake tits for the world to see, not that it was a sight any CW fan hadn't seen before. When Staph reached the bottom of the Slip 'N Slide another day later, she was covered from head to toe in piss.

Spending one more day slurping at the piss that had pooled at the bottom of the ramp, Staph belched and climbed into the ring. Pulling a mic out of her crab hole with her tits still hanging out, she seductively swayed her jiggling hips at Alex and farted.

"So what were you about to say, Alex? Something that started with an 'F'? Fuck, perhaps? Do you want to FUCK CHANE AND ME, ALEX? Because you know I'm down to FUCK YOU ANYTIME!" Dropping to her knees, she simulated a blowjob in front of Alex's crotch while digging deeper into her crab hole with the mic, queefs and the click of crab claws sounding throughout the arena.

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