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Posted at 10:04 pm on Jun 4, 2017 by: Red Spyder (Dual Core Champion)
The only belt you're getting is the one holding my pants up. Now bend over, son.

As the Unholy One rolled underneath a giant, swinging ax, he turned to see that the Guardian of Wickedness was right behind him. Red mimicked the roll and rose to his feet in front of Spade, only to be thrown into another pillar, this one spiked around the sides. His body was impaled on the sharp spikes front first, tearing out through his back. Blood dripped profusely from the fresh wounds. The Monster Beef, having avoided the spikes, pressed its fat head against the stone of the pillar and pushed as hard as it could until Red slid free.

Spade only watched, morbidly fascinated by how the Beef worked to save its master. The Beef further demonstrated this devotion by swinging itself to one side to turn Red around, who was staggering, and slam glans first into Spade's face, knocking him backwards. Spade barely managed to stop himself from falling into a pool of sickly green liquid: acid.

Looking up, Spade saw Red rushing forward, still bleeding from his numerous wounds, to finish the job the Beef started. When Red was close enough, Spade grabbed the Beef firmly in both hands, even as Red's own large fists pounded against Spade's back. Yanking hard downward, he forced Red into a kneeling position before dropping the Beef into the acid. Before Red could stand back up, Spade applied a headlock and pulled down as hard as he could to keep Red in place.

"Watch your precious Beef dissolve before your very eyes, Red!" Spade said, tightening his grip around Red's neck as he struggled harder.

"FUCK YOU!" was Red's simple response, though he still couldn't get free.

Before Spade could do anything else, a big boot to the side of his head from Hra'gad knocked him away from Red. Hra'gad seemed disappointed that it didn't send both of his opponents into the acid and he had no time to try again because the Beef rose from the acid and again turned Red around.

The Monster Beef was completely undamaged by the acid. After all, it had been inside Lilith's vagina, the location far more toxic and dangerous than anything the ancient temple could provide. Looking right at Hra'gad, the Beef squirted out acid like it was a Super Soaker. Hra'gad ducked out of the way, but the Beef was far from finished, diving back into the acid for a refill.

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