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Posted at 9:58 am on Jun 11, 2017 by: DARKSPADE
Ready for some acid Crabs?

The match felt more like a 4 way threat than a triple threat with the Monster Beef joining the fray!! After the Monster Beef recharged with another round of acid, Hra'gad growled and then ducked behind a fallen statue while Spade Deathen stood up, completely unaware that the Beef recharged like a super soaker! The Beef sprayed another helping of acid but into the air like a water hose causing droplets of acid-like rain on everything. Spade got some acid on his person and was smoking up which made Red chuckle in delight and amusement, but that was short lived as a furious Spade Deathen rips a spear from one of the wall statues' hand and throws the spear at Red Spyder - impaling him in the gut!!!

Red stopped laughing, looks down and sees the spear protrude from out of his body... with blood dripping everywhere and even on the confused Monster Beef!!!

"WHAT THE HELL!" - screamed Red Spyder

"Heh... I was actually aiming to impale your Monster Beef... but that does nicely....."

But, once again, Hra'gad makes a run for the Absolute title belt which was now just dangling on a rusty chain over a molten lava pit..... The evil demonic being looks around for a means to reach it and then with an easy swipe of his hand he cuts down another unsuspecting statue which fell into the lava right beneath the title belt that was suspended.... Hra'gad could hear the running footsteps of both Spade and Red behind him and then turns around and extended his hand outstretched towards them.

Red and Spade stop at the same time - just 12 feet from Hra'gad was standing and suddenly the floor rumbled from Hra'gad's power!!! From the floor emerged unsurprisingly an army of crabs that even had wings on them which fluttered into the air and tried to attack.... both Red and Spade swiped at the bugs with little progress until the Monster Beef, with some acid still tucked away in one of its ballsacks, spat out acid at the bugs which killed most of them..... it was all nothing but a distraction from Hra'gad because by the time Red and Spade were in the clear.... they saw Hra'gad using a mountain of crabs he produced to climb to the title above them......


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