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Posted at 4:54 pm on Jun 11, 2017 by: Gunther (The Freakn European SEX God)

Meanwhile, a bald Gunther found his mic on the edge of the ring apron completely covered with piss and shit from Botch-- and picks it up and places it on his blistering red HAWT infected lips! Shi comes storming from the other side of the ring with an intended spear but slips on Botch's farted out hotdog and then slides across the ring from the piss until his face is directly below Gunther's crotch!!!! Shokuo screams again for his master to get up but to no prevail as Gunther decides to do the ding dong literately with his ding dong out.... it was so hard to see it even as the camera man placed the lens of the camera directly on the stick that acted like a penis.

Gunther thrust his fist up to his chest and sang another song for the next 5 hours straight.

While Shi was being serenaded by Gunther's singing and ding dong...... Deadblood was kneeling for the past 5 hours as Botch continued to rub his ass on Deadblood's face with the piss soaked wig as the buffer between them!!!! Not even Deadblood could put up with this anymore and manages to upper cut between Botch's legs.... to a normal person this would have been painful..... but being that Botch has a micropenis and numb from head to toe from the constant steroid use- all Botch could ever do was scream.....


Then from the side, Deadblood could hear a screaming howl as Shi ran from a naked and bald Gunther who was on his next song.....

And even shocking Shoku... .Shi Dorsujun Ku eliminates himself as he dives over the top rope!!! The fans were in shock but Gunther didn't stop and then LEAPS OVER THE TOP ROPE SO THAT HE COULD RAM HIS TWIG OF A PENIS INTO SHI'S BACK WHILE SINGING YET ANOTHER SONG FOR THE NEXT 2 MONTHS!!!

Disgusted, Deadblood picks up Gunther's piss soaked wig off of the floor and shoves it in Botch's mouth.......

"Oooooooooooohh... my DING DING DONG!!"

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