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Posted at 12:20 am on Jun 12, 2017 by: Red Spyder (Dual Core Champion)
Ready for me to kill both of you? I'm ready for that.

Red wasn't listening to Spade, checking his nut sack to make sure no flying crabs were trying to hide there. Shaking his head, Spade grabbed the spear still stuck in Red's body and ripped it back out.

Red looked down at the hole in his gut as more blood poured out. Looking back up at Spade, Red said, "OW, MOTHERFUCKER! THAT HURT! I THINK YOU TOOK SOME MEAT WITH THAT!"

Cracking Red over the head hard with the handle of the spear, giving the Guardian of Wickedness something else to bitch about, Spade threw the spear at Hra'gad. His aim was even worse this time and he missed entirely, the spear clattering to the floor on the other side of the lava pit. However, it was enough to distract Hra'gad from taking the title.

Gazing down at his opponents, Hra'gad snarled and said, "I've had enough of you both!"

Raising his hands, a wave of lava emerged from the pit, rushing towards Red and Spade. The Monster Beef once was the most aware in the match and pulled Red forward while swinging around rapidly in a circle. When the lava wave reached them, the Beef's rotation forced the lava to splash back at the pile of crabs, melting them. Nothing could beat Red's meat.

Before he ended up joining the crabs, Hra'gad jumped off of the sinking pile, landing away from Red and Spade. Now one of them would have to find another way to reach the Absolute title, except it was beginning to glisten again, indicating they were about to be transported to another time, another place.

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