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Posted at 1:24 am on Jun 12, 2017 by: Team Darkshit Whoring Fags

Alex watched in wonder as the Darkshit Whoring Fags forgot completely about the match and surrounded President SupersDick. Diper was front and center, her hairy tongue slithering out to wander into his pissing vagina. She drew out several herpes clusters from deep within the statue's vaginal walls, kissing each member of her team to pass on the herpes. All except Gidboots because she was fucking tired of his whining.

Botch and Buff also forgot about the match, fighting over a shit-covered corn cob that someone had farted out. It could have been from Diper or Goldy. There was no telling at that point. As they stumbled around the ring, grunting and farting at each other, both completely out of breath, they bumped into the SupersDick statue. The whole thing toppled over onto its worshipers, landing on Cunner's head and knocking him out, blood pouring over his pimple-ridden face.

Dark Rectum, Dark Enema, and Kane000 laughed at Cunner's misfortune. Gidboots was too busy crying in the corner to laugh because the 'love of his life' was mad at him. Goldy decided to try cheering Gidboots up with a stink face, painting his face brown with shit. Because Gidboots was such a fucking idiot, he believed this was Diper's ass and started licking at Goldy's brown eye. This turned Goldy on and she rubbed her golden clit and squirted some golden juices before shitting in Gidboots mouth. This only made Gidboots even happier.

Diper, after struggling to her feet, her fat along with the entire ring shaking during the struggle, rolled the SupersDick statue off of Cunner. Not to help Cunner because he was useless to her knocked out, but to play with the statue. Sitting on SupersDick's face, she began to grind her hairy, diseased, crusty, smelly, oozing, gaping nightmare of a vagina against the statue's mouth and nose. Gunther decided Diper's whale sounds of pleasure would make good background noise for his next 10 albums and stood on SupersDick's still-pissing crotch to record them.

Another constant pisser noticed that Diper was bent over on SupersDick's face, exposing her cavernesque anus to the world.

Believing the sign above her anus that said 'Gidboots Room' actually said 'Restroom', Botch let go of the corn cob. Buff fell to the mat, licking the shit off of the corn cob, thinking it was chocolate covered corn. Stepping up to her anus, Botch sniffed at the pissy, shitty air that emanated from Diper's asshole before stepping inside.


Alexander could only watch as Botch stepped forward until he actually disappeared from view inside Diper's anus.

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