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Posted at 6:08 pm on Jun 22, 2017 by: Botch Recliner (Soon-To-Be Champion)

It's okay that Botch napped for three months because it took Triple Nose just as long to get back to his feet after tearing both quads. After Staphanie spent another three months blowing Triple Nose at ringside, the King of Crabs finally climbed back into the ring. By now, Botch was also up, flossing bits of hot dog out his teeth with one of Staph's 12 inch pubes.

When Botch looked up after examining the hot dog specks from his teeth for three more months, all he saw was Triple Nose's nose charging at him like a jousting sword. The tip of Triple Nose's nose jabbed Botch in the eye and he collapsed back to the mat.


Flexing his roid muscles, Triple Nose followed it with a crotch chop that tore his quads yet again, dropping him to the mat too. Both 'wrestlers' rolled on the mat for six months while Staph stood on the apron screeching at Triple Nose to get back up. The other Staphs in the crowd screeched along, the high pitched sounds causing the ceiling of the arena to start cracking.

When Botch and Triple Nose were finally back to their feet, Botch was asleep again and proved to be far more skilled than the Cerebral Asseater. Whipping Triple Nose at Staph, he was propelled backwards by her inflatable tits into Botch who caught him with a belly-to-back suplex. Realizing that Triple Nose was in trouble, Staph spread her flabby, hairy legs and queefed at Botch, a blast of crabs shooting out with each queef. The rancid smell went up his nose and Botch woke back up.


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