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Posted at 6:56 pm on Jun 22, 2017 by: Staphanie McMahon (Womens Champion)
That's not what you'll be saying later!

Staphanie's mouth fell open at the announcement of her now upcoming match with Goldyke. Alex thought she was about to get angry, which would result in the expulsion of more crabs. He raised a hand to stop her, but rather than get angry, she got excited.

Grabbing one of her saggy tits in each hand, she slapped them together while swaying her body towards Alex. Eyes widening, he ran from her and she chased him around the ring for a week, the slapping of her fleshy horrors never ceasing.

The only thing that stopped her was when Alex got desperate to escape and dove out of the ring. He looked back up at her like she was crazy, keeping his gun out just in case, and she looked at him with a huge smile.

Pulling a mic out of her crab hole, she screeched, "I accept, SIR! And when I'm done pounding Goldy's ass, you're more than welcome to come celebrate with me BY POUNDING MY ASS! Of course, we'll finished our celebration with both you and my BELOVED BROTHER CUMMING ON MY TITS!"

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