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Posted at 6:39 pm on Jun 26, 2017 by: Hragad
Giving LIFE to a STIFF.

The title was glistening indicating that another time distortion was going to take place!!! Once Spade rose to his feet he noticed that one of the statues was cracked from the recent wave from the Monster Beef... While closing his eyes, Spade could feel the balance within him reaching to the statue!! And unbelievable as it was- the statue broke off of its base and hovered over the lava pit and then dropped below the glistening belt.... When Spade opened his eyes he could see the statue but what he didn't predict was what part of the statue that actually was not submerged into the lava but of the statue's enlarged penis!!!

Spade shook his head and thought about even lifting the statue again so that he did not have to climb the monster stiff up to HIS belt-- but before Spade could do anything, Red shot a vicious bolt of wickedness from his Monster Beef!!! But because Spade was of the balance- the wickedness did only marginal harm but it DID stun Spade long enough for Red Spyder to sling himself to the base of the statue's monster stiff with precum from his Monster Beef!!!

The countdown was hastily approaching.... as Red Spyder wrapped his arms and legs around the statue's rod and slowly climbed up- you could even believe that the pressure erected from statue would even make it erupt.... that was when Hra'gad lifted himself from the pile of dead crabs and as Red Spyder was just mere inches from winning this match--- Hra'gad lifted his arms up high and the statue moved!!! It came to life!!!! That was when the monster stiff wiggled back and forth from the pressure from Red Spyder and as the fans still watching in awe in their own spacial dimension--


And then, before Red would take a molten dip, the title shimmered and a white light overtook the entire room..... after the intense white light subsided.... Red Spyder falls into pile of horse manure!!!!

All around the wrestlers were buildings that looked right out of an old wild western movie!! The time of day was high noon too.... and scorching hot, possibly somewhere like the state of Texas.

As Red was peeling himself from the horse manure-- from the street you could hear commotion as 6 gunslinging bandits on horseback shooting their guns in the air have just robbed a bank's stage coach full of treasure- and one of the outlaws was wearing the Absolute Undisputed Title across his waist, more likely taken from the bounty of treasure in the stage coach!!!

Hra'gad turned his evil sights at the stage coach, which by now was being ridden out of town by one of the bandits- along with the other 5 bandits on horseback, and steals a horse that was stationed close by to chase them.

Spade looks over to Red who was now getting washed off in a horse water trough-- shakes his head- and also steals a horse to chase down Hra'gad and HIS Absolute title!!!

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