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Posted at 7:58 pm on Jun 26, 2017 by: Triple Nose and Staphanie

Then the Cerebral Asseater gets up from the crusty gurney after the remaining 3 months of the year in intensive quad surgery conducted right by ringside....

By now, the entire event reached it unprecedented 3 years worth now taking us into:

CreatureMania XXX: Crabmania!!!

In the ring, for 3 months Botch was pissing into the sea of the remaining 12 live fans by ringside while the thousands dead were devoured long ago by crabs and even their carcasses were now colonies full of crab generations.... Staphanie had enough and she helps Triple Nose up by having him use her bloated up tits as stepping stones into the ring... Botch turns around and before he could "HUH?!" Triple Nose tears another quad in his right arm- from all of the jacking of Staphanie's penis off- and his arm detaches from his body and flings right into Botch's crotch!!!!

The hand from the severed arm was still squeezing sending Botch off in a pleasuredom!! But from out of nowhere- Staphanie slithers into the ring sending crabs flying out into the face of the unfortunate camera man who happened to see a hole in her tight leather pants- the camera man is last seen running for his life covered from head to toe with crabs devouring is body...

Stephanie then pushes aside Triple Nose with her vagina shouting and bitching at Botch who by now was seated down on the floor drawing penises and boobs with the brown crayon he found stuck up his asscrack.

The shouting and bitching from Staphanie escalated as she raised the pitch to the point that Triple Nose had a nosebleed and his head quickly exploded sending brain guts and juices all over the place!!!! Not knowing what to do the refs watching on the outside look at each other and were about to ring the bell when all of a sudden King Chane McMahon formed out of the carcass of Triple Nose and molested Staphanie McMahon while suplexed Botch at the same time!!!

Botch head bounces on his penis as he tumbled into the corner.... then for another 4 more months we get to see Chane and Staphanie perform every single XXX act imaginable until Chane decided to roll over Botch for the pin but the ref shouted out to Chane that this was a Premium Beef match which meant that he had to use pin Botch with his penis!!!

King Chane was confused because he never used his penis for anything other than screwing his sister- that was when Stephanie pushed Chane aside with her crab and urine stained infested hair and unzipped to use her own penis to lay on top of Botch for the pin but miraculously Botch had fell asleep for weeks and instantly wrapped his legs around Stephanie's penis with Recliner's Gate!!!

Stephanie was screaming in orgasms and patting her hand down tapping out but it was Chane who was the legal man!!! Chane didn't know too many moves so he runs out of the ring and sets up an airbag underneath the commentator's table... then after weeks of reading the instruction manual and blowing the airbag by puffing his own air into it-- Chane runs back into the ring, looks down at his sister who was still in the Recliner's Gate-- jumps up to the top turnbuckle-- crosses his hands like the crucifix and then


OMMMGGG!!!! Chane crashes right into the table sending shards of his bones flying into the air......

The 12 remaining fans scream....."HOLY SHIT!!!! HOOLLYYYYYYY SHIT!!!!!....YOU DON'T GOT IT!!!! YOU DON'T GOT IT!!!! YOU DON'T GOT IT!!!"

Micheal Cole: This is incredible..... Chane McMahon just soared into that empty table... but unfortunately no one was on it!!!!

and then back in the ring, all of the cum soaring from Staph's penis helped her slide out of the Recliner's Gate!!!! she then crawls on the mat leaving a trail mix of crabs trying to reach the dead remains of Triple Nose for the sledge hammer that was left inside of his nose..... with Botch looming over her, still asleep and deadly as ever!!!

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