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Posted at 6:18 pm on Jun 30, 2017 by: Deadblood (Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Champion)
You two won't be missed.

Botch gagged briefly on the piss-soaked wig before sucking at it, squeezing it out like a sponge in his mouth, swallowing the stale piss. The fumes of the the piss and hairspray eventually overpowered him however, causing him to pass out.

Deadblood knew what Botch being unconscious meant. What occurred at the previous year's Memorandum was still fresh on his mind. He won, only for the sleep wrestling Botch to toss him out of the ring, nearly breaking his trophy and neck. He had to ensure there wouldn't be a repeat of those events.

Eyes and mind focused, DB cautiously approached the snoring Botch. He tuned out the crowd and even ignored Shi Dorsujun Ku's scream as he ran up the five mile ramp, Gunther clinging to Shi's back, grinding his twig penis into it.

When DB was close enough, Botch rolled while grabbing his ankle. Forcing him to the ground, Botch applied an ankle lock, drooling in his sleep on the bottom of DB's boot. The submission wouldn't win the match for Botch, but crippling his final opponent would give him a big advantage.

The Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Champion screamed in pain, unable to break the hold or even crawl to the ropes to possibly slide out of the ring under the bottom rope.

"HUH? THAT FUCKING TROPHY IS MINE, BITCH!" Botch said before releasing DB's ankle, slamming it on the mat. Dragging him up, Botch was about to deliver a Recliner Fatlicker when a sudden urge woke him up. "HUH? I GALLOP POOP!" Botch declared as he released Deadblood.

Believing he just caught a break, DB hobbled on his ankle, watching as Botch ran frantically around the ring, looking for the appropriate place to poop.

Unintentionally, Botch ended up plowing into DB, sending both of them tumbling over the top rope. Luckily for Botch, he landed on top of DB, making him the winner, even as liquid shit started running down the back of his legs.

Pissed off that he lost in such a ridiculous way and disgusted that the man who eliminated him was now shitting himself while laying on him, DB quickly rolled Botch off of him and scrambled to safety. "Fuck this! This match is a god damn joke! This whole COMPANY is a joke!"

Botch had no clue he won the match, even as the referee, also disgusted by Botch shitting himself, brought over the Lord of Darkness trophy.

Deadblood considered attacking Botch. Considered ripping up the padding covering the concrete floor and slamming Botch's stupid face into it repeatedly. He didn't though, instead hopping back into the white convertible he arrived in and was driven away.

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