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Posted at 4:50 pm on Jul 3, 2017 by: Botch Recliner (Soon-To-Be Champion)

Botch grabbed Staphanie and hoisted her up for a micro penis to FAAAAAAAAAT ASS suplex, but the cum still gushing from Staph's penis again allowed her to slip free. Landing on Triple Nose's nose, she began to grind her crusty anus against it, cumming more, shooting so far that it splattered Chane's face outside the ring. The salty smell of his sister's cum caused him to rise from the remains of the commentary table.

Staph rose too from Triple Nose's now crushed face. She was still cumming, thanks to the sledge hammer lodged deep up her ass. Whether she noticed or not was unknown as she continued screaming in pleasure, the constant stream of cum knocking Chane off of the apron as he was trying to climb back into the ring. The stream only stopped when the still asleep Botch Recliner circled behind Staph and pulled the shit and crab-covered sledge hammer from her ass like he was pulling a sword from a stone.

As he swung the hammer, she spun around and blocked the shot with her still erect penis. They ended up trying to strike each other for six months until Botch woke up. Dropping the hammer on his foot, he screamed, "OWWWWWWWWW!" for another year before mistaking Staph's penis for a hot dog and leaning in to bite it. He thought the cum, piss, blood, and pus that squirted out into his mouth were the usual hot dog toppings and continued chewing.

Staph screamed, now in pain, not pleasure, but Chane couldn't tell the difference and finally successfully got back into the ring. Walking up behind Botch as he gave Staph the most painful blowjob ever, he began rubbing his micro penis against Botch's micro penis. Botch's response was to release Staph's mutilated penis and let out a "HUH?" before farting on Chane's micro penis.

Chane thought the fart meant Botch had an orgasm. Satisfied that he'd finally made someone cum after all these years, he resumed the match by grabbed the sledge hammer and cracking Botch over the head with it. With Botch knocked out, Chane tea bagged Botch for the pin. Back in sleep wrestling mode, Botch promptly kicked out, throwing Chane up onto Staph. They both fell into the corner, Chane straddling his sister's still erect penis like a broomstick.

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