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Posted at 10:58 am on Jul 7, 2017 by: Alexander R Arcane II
Someone HAS to stop this!.....

That was finally it as all 8 actual fans left in the arena just up and left finally- many of which lost most of their friends and family to the crab hornets. At this point CreatureMania spent so long that even the media department handling the graphics died and no one was there to make the promotions for CreatureMania 31!!! Then suddenly no one looks towards the CreatureTron and out comes Alexander Arcane....

Chane dislodged off of his sister's gushing erect penis and ignored Botch who was still in sleep mode and too dangerous to handle- Chane slides out of the ring and starts to cuss at Alexander Arcane and the two finally meet face-to-face then suddenly in the ring Botch, with a snore and a fart, runs against the opposite ropes and leaps off and over the top rope to suddenly crash into both Alexander and Chane!!!!!

Alexander crawls to the side but Botch landed with his micro junk on top of Chance's chest!!!!! There were no rules that the pin fall had to be in the ring, and so the ref runs out for the pin but before he could get to even 1.. Staphanie leans her legs back over her head and then aims her gaping vagina into the general direction of Botch and then SHOOTS OFF A MISSILE COCOON FULL OF CRABS!!!!

The cocoon strikes Botch in the head and out explodes crabs all over everyone!! Botch suddenly wakes up from his sleep and sees a corn cob covered with shit and dead crabs right next to him. For the next 6 months we get to see Botch slowly devouring the corn cob and him farting until finally Alexander gets back from another cruise in the Bahamas--

The CreatureTron lights up again with Alex's tron and then after another 6 years walking down the ramp- Alexander gets into the ring with a steel chair!!! Staphanie all of this time was squirting rounds of cocoon filled crabs all over the arena enough for each empty seat in the arena to be filled with so many crabs that the crabs formed into human body shapes and now the arena looked completely full again!!!!

Then with a loud BANG!!! Alexander slams the steel chair against Staphanie's head..... but that didn't stop her from firing off her crabs... wondering what to do, Alexander wedges the chair between Staphanie's legs and at that moment a cocoon fires off but instead it explodes inside of Staphanie's body!!! It didn't actually kill her, but instead, her vagina was blown completely wider than ever before and she was literately spilling an uncontrollable sea of crabs without any stop!!!!!

Alexander stood in awe as the arena was covered with crabs and he had to retreat to the top turnbuckle pole and rest on top of it hoping this would all pass!!!

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