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Posted at 7:59 pm on Jul 15, 2017 by: Red Spyder (Dual Core Champion)
For the last time, IT'S MY CHAMPIONSHIP!

The head of the Monster Beef rose into the air, facing the house, before lobbing a large ball of pre-cum from its pee hole. The pre-cum hit the door with enough force to crack the wood, leaving it dripping with Red's slime.

Before the gunshots could pick up again, Red ran at the door and delivered a big boot to the heavily damaged wood, knocking it to the floor. Now underneath the door was one of the bandits who'd been standing behind the door, wondering what Red had done to it.

The Guardian of Wickedness peeked in to make sure no one was waiting behind a corner with a gun before stepping on the door, smashing the trapped bandit. When he reached where the bandit's head was underneath the door, he stopped, keeping his feet close together. Balancing himself, he jumped straight up into the air, his weight and the force of his landing combined providing a wet crunch underneath the door. Blood began pooling around the bandit's head, his skull cracked.

Kicking aside a chair as he stepped further into the house, Red screamed, "WHERE THE FUCK'S MY BELT?"

The Beef sensed the waiting bandit before Red himself did. The man stepped out with a rifle aimed at Red's chest. He hesitated though when he saw the anaconda hanging out of Red's pants. The Beef took advantage of this pause by forcing the bandit's arms down, but was unable to stop him from pulling the trigger. A single bullet launched upward, ripping into Red's cheek before disappearing into the ceiling.

Ignoring the burning pain coming from his bleeding face, Red grabbed the bandit around the neck with both hands and squeezed until he crushed his windpipe. Dropping the bandit to the floor, he entered a hallway leading deeper. He only got halfway down the hall before Hra'gad launched himself out of the darkness of another room. Slamming a frying pan into the back of Red's skull, Hra'gad grabbed his father before he could collapse and threw him down a flight of stairs into the basement.

Slamming the door shut behind Red, Hra'gad only turned before he stopped again. The bandit leader had two revolvers trained on him, the Absolute belt still around his waist. "You're gonna regret sticking your nose in our business!"

Despite the bandit's tough talk, he clearly intimidated by Hra'gad's appearance. He proceeded to piss his pants however when Spade also stepped into view. Both men, dressed in clothes like nothing the bandit had witnessed before and staring at the belt with a hint of insanity in their eyes caused him to spin around and flee, intending to escape the house.

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