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Posted at 9:55 am on Jul 23, 2017 by: DARKSPADE

Spade Deathen stared at HIS Absolute Undisputed title belt and then back at the demonic Hra'gad.... and back at the title!!! The bandit backed off in confusion.....


The bandit leader shot off a volley of rounds at both Hra'gad and Spade Deathen- in both attacks, the two dodged the bullets at supersonic speeds which further shocked the bandit leader... by this time the leader's foot hit the back of a wall close by an open window.... Suddenly, Spade raised his hand and used telekinesis to fling furniture at Hra'gad!!! but that was just a distraction as the furniture was obliterated long before it could touch Hra'gad.... instead, Spade jolt passed the floor with amazing speed and dropped the bandit leader down with a Gothicrusher!!!!!!!

The Bandit Leader dropped his revolver and couched up blood while crawling on the floor to his revolver.... however, Spade stands up and steps on the Bandit leader's hand- more salt to the wound when Spade applied pressure to the bandit's hand and squished it!!! But from out of nowhere did Hra'gad come into view with a vicious clothesline which spun Spade Deathen into the air and while in the air, Hra'gad caught Spade in a DDT which crash landed on a table - now broken into pieces after the impact!!!!

By this time the Bandit Leader grabbed his revolver and frantically reloaded- THEN FIRED at the monstrosity hovering over him! Each bullet went through Hra'gad only leaving odd energy ripples in its blackened half-transparent form.... the bullets exited and then struck the last remaining bandit support the leader had was his friends came into the fireline at that deathly time!!

Then, Hra'gad paused and widened his eye lids even more showcasing those eerie, deathly, hating crimson eyes!!!!! The bandit leader was instantly entranced by the burning eyes and stood still paralyzed as Hra'gad dived into the Leader's very soul!!!!

Spade sits up and views curiously at the whole bizarre engagement between Hra'gad and the bandit - Hra'gad's eyes were illuminating with a red haunting glow whist the Bandit Leader was being drained of his life force... Spade knew that the power of the Balance was the only way to stop this and so Spade closed his eyes and channeled the neutralizing force of the balance through his fists and without delay, Spade first launched off of a wall and then struck Hra'gad in the eyes with a clubbing blow sending the monster wheeling as the connection between him and the bandit was broken.... then, Spade channeled the balance into his feet and spun around in a jumping heel kick which exploded across Hra'gad's head sending the evil demon twirling .... RIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF RED SPYDER WHO THEN SHARPLY SPIKED HIS OWN 'SON' INTO THE FLOOR IN A BEAUTIFUL FACEBUSTER.

But once Spade turned to face the bandit leader.... the leader was stumbling around the room while mumbling nonsense... it was clear that whatever Hra'gad did to him made him nearly a vegetable ... just barely enough cognitive reasoning to move around... this actually exited the Monster Beef knowing that Spade was the only obstacle left!!!

That was that... Red Spyder and Spade instantly connect horns trying to gain the upper hand- whist this was happening, Spade was trying to also avoid the Monster Beef as they locked arms by receding his stomach as much as possible. Suddenly, everyone hears a crash!!! Red and Spade, still locked horns, looked over and saw that the bandit leader must have fell out of the window and crashed to the floor down below... Red and Spade walk together, again locked horns, to the window and look down. The bandit was turned into a pretzel on the floor with blood gushing out..... the Absolute Undisputed title was still around his waist... ready to be plucked.... Red quickly head butted Spade and leaped out of the window but suddenly, Hra'gad was up and he transformed himself into a black raven and flew right after his father... Spade also leaped out of the window and now all three where down below in a circle around the dead bandit.......

Hra'gad transformed into his ghastly form again and struck Red Spyder with a spinning kick - forward fist combination while Spade also attacked Red Spyder by a forward kick to the gut.... Then, Spade conjured a pressuring wave of balance and shoved Hra'gad out of the way- sending him to the ground- and then Spade launched himself at the Absolute title.... The Monster Beef wrapped around Spade's ankle trying to hold Spade from grabbing the title....

Spade by this time was partially on the dead body and trying desperately to unlatch the glowing radiant title in-front of him- but the Beef wasn't allowing it.... even as Red Spyder was barely coming to--- Then the title's glistening radiance glowed even brighter signaling that another time/space jump was in the process!!!!!


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