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Posted at 8:25 pm on Jul 30, 2017 by: Red Spyder (Dual Core Champion)
Your name won't be on it for much longer!

Darkspade reached for the title even as it grew brighter, but it was too late. They were transported through time again, the loud cheers of a crowd filling the competitors' ears. They might've thought they'd returned to CreatureMania XIV's arena if it wasn't for the sand beneath them and the bright, hot sun directly overhead. Gazing around, it didn't take long for any of them to realize they were in middle of ancient Rome's Colosseum.

At the far end of the arena, a gladiator, cut and bruised but clearly the winner of the previous battle, was making his exit. Around his waist was the Absolute Undisputed Championship. Red, Spade, and Hra'gad were about to chase after him when two trap doors opened in the arena's floor, a hungry lion emerging from each. Someone else was meant to fight the lions, but with the newcomers already in place, no one else joined them.

The two lions circled the three MegaStars, the crowd watching eagerly to see who would draw first blood. While the lions were outnumbered, their large bodies made up the difference. Both lions decided to pounce at the same time. One landed on Red, forcing him back hard to the ground and trying to take a big bite out of his throat. The only thing stopping the lion were the Guardian of Wickedness' hands, gripping the lion by his thick neck, trying to hold him back.

The other lion was aiming for Hra'gad, only to end up passing through his translucent form. Confused but not giving up, the lion instead went after Spade, pinning him down to the ground as well. The Unholy One struggled much like Red was. Hra'gad on the other hand smiled in delight before transforming into a raven again and flying after the gladiator wearing the belt. This was a mistake however as the crowd immediately became frightened, believing they just witnessed some form of witchcraft.

Roman soldiers armed with bows immediately began firing arrows in Hra'gad's direction, forcing him to fly up away from the gladiator and land on the roof of the Colosseum to rethink his plan. Returning to his ghastly form, Hra'gad peered over the edge of the roof, more arrows flying his way, passing through him. Though Red and Spade were still distracted with the lions, the gladiator had ducked out of sight. Determined to relocate him, Hra'gad turned around and jumped off of the roof, dropping four stories to the road outside of the Colosseum where there were currently no soldiers before sneaking back inside on the ground floor.

Red wasn't sure he would be continuing the match if he couldn't get the lion off of him soon. The Monster Beef was no help as it was pinned between their bodies. The heavy beast wouldn't budge and was slowly forcing its mouth closer to Red's exposed flesh. Desperate, Red dared to focus what was left of his strength into a blast of Wickedness, the jolt scaring the lion more than anything into jumping back off of Red. Scrambling to his feet, Red spotting and scooped up a sword left behind by a fallen gladiator from earlier in the day. Spinning around, he caught the lion just in the time as it was taking another leap. The sword sliced into the side of the lion's neck, nearly decapitating him and instantly killing him.

Hearing Spade struggling underneath his own lion still, Red turned around to watch. Nothing would have made his day better than watching a lion rip Spade apart. Then he thought of Angel. Despite the Death family being at odds with each other, he couldn't imagine Angel would be pleased if Red refused to help Spade in this particular situation. Raising the sword, he chopped down across the back of the lion's neck, fully decapitating it. The lion's head falling into Spade's hands, the warm blood from the neck poured onto his face. The rest of the lion's 400 plus pound body collapsed onto Spade, keeping him pinned down. Feeling no other reason to stay behind, Red took off in the direction the gladiator left in with the belt.

More arrows were fired at Red, the soldiers realizing that the two still in the arena were outsiders as well. Reaching a locked gate, Red used the Monster Beef like a battering ram and continued running, smashing through the metal gate in one blow. Soldiers were waiting on the other side, armed with swords of their own. In no mood for some drawn out sword fight, Red flung his sword at one soldier, making sure to aim for the man's head since his chest was covered in armor. With half the sword buried into his skull, blood dripping down his face, the dead soldier collapsed as the others moved in to fight Red.

Grabbing the Monster Beef, Red started swinging it wildly around, the fat, pre-cum oozing head striking the soldiers like a meaty club. The soldiers tried to fight back, but the seemingly indestructible Beef only smacked away their swords, occasionally bending the blades or snapping them in half entirely. The soldiers were awed by the Beef and then they were knocked down by it, some ending up with concussions or broken limbs.

The only one remaining on the arena floor, Spade eventually managed to roll the lion's corpse off of himself. His face covered in drying blood, he realized that his fun as a gladiator wasn't over yet. Soldiers on horseback were charging towards him, swords drawn, anger at his presence on their faces. He wondered if they were planning to execute him then and there or perhaps save him for later for something like a crucifixion.

Not planning to find out, he waited for a soldier to near before yanking him off of his horse and stealing it along with the fallen soldier's sword. Turning the horse around, he charged towards the other soldiers, swinging his sword wildly, knocking several of them off their horses with a varying severity of gashes from the sword. The remaining soldiers also turned around and chased after him. At the same time, soldiers still in the stands fired more arrows, forcing him to duck forward on the horse while trying to make it run faster. One lucky arrow pierced his arm, causing him to grit his teeth in pain, but he managed to hold onto the horse, almost to safety.

Still standing just inside the gate, giving the Beef a kiss on its tip for a job well-done, Red started to panic when he saw Spade galloping towards him. He grabbed the gate and tried to shut it again, but Spade was faster. He directed the horse through the opening and proceeded to run Red and his Beef over with the hooves of the horse. Hopping off of the horse as Red groaned in agony on the stone floor, Spade tried to decide which was the right direction to head in through the Colosseum's halls to find his Absolute Undisputed Championship. Since they hadn't been transported back to the ring in their own time, he was guessing Hra'gad hadn't found the title yet.

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