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Posted at 2:40 pm on Aug 4, 2017 by: ?????
Only one way to kill off a cancer.... LIGHT IT UP!!

The methane seeping out of Diper's prolapsed anus did not end. In fact, the gooey, horrible, sticky toxic stinky gas blanketed the entire arena causing all of the unfortunate victims who breathed it in suffered unimaginable pain and agony; ironically, the majority of the victims were Staphany and Chane clones.... so some good came out of Diper's fissure of vile bullshit- and I don't just mean her garbage ass!!

Days on end went by and Diper was still leaking methane... Botch was still shouting "HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?! to the sounds of music still being heard from the karaoke machine lodged inside of Diper's gaybar-chasem of filth.

The few remaining Darkshits that actually stayed- the others simply got so bored of the 1-bit graphics (JUST THIS ONE IMAGE OF A VAMPIRE!) and depreived without their KoolAIDS... that they wandered off looking for a hairy tit to suck on- tried in desperation to help save their precious leaking Bitch-Queen!!

Who actually stayed in the ring aside, from the cesspool bitch, were: Botch, Alex.... and also unsurprisingly, even a given, was Gidboots!! Gunther and Fagwell left the ring days ago and even erected a tent outside in the parking lot where Gunther was performing his concerts while Fagwell was selling dick dogs!!

Back in the ring...
Gidboots was the first to shit himself in the ring leaving a feces trail of green and yellow slime but he managed to couple his teeth around Diper's hairy puss festering tit. Everyone agonizingly watched for days as Gidboots was feeding himself KoolAIDS until he mustered the nerve doodgle a chair on Diper's toilet paper which came out from her festering asshole.

With the toilet paper drawing of a chair in hand, Gidboots swung the toilet paper across Botch's head promptly sending Botch back to sleep... by which Botch rolled out of the ring and even took on the role of a color commentator of the match with an English accent....

"Right. Well, here we see a desperate mate making a bloody fool of himself with some bits and bobs going about in the ring. Yanking his twitter account like an arshe."

Meanwhile, thinking that he won the match, Gidboots erected a computer in the middle of the ring and spent several days trying desperately to connect to the Darkshit Wrastling Fag's free website- trying to shift through all of the generated ads of porn- with his 56 modem until FINALLY he managed to get back onto the forums anxiously waiting for his 'love of his life', Diper, appear and give him some digital lovings in the form of insults and laughing behind his back. Diper still hadn't posted- and so, Gidbots decided to make another doodle but this time of Diper and her enlarged prolasped anus so that he could jack off too....

The insanity made Alex's head twirl until he couldn't stand it much longer and he takes Botch by his goatee and swings him into the ring, where, Botch clotheslines Gidboot's head clear off instantely killing him!!! But then, Botch saw the Diper and Dark Recturm porn that Gidboots was jacking off too and suddenly wakes up!!! With a resounding, confused "HUH!?!?!... Botch even screamed himself down for the count.... but Diper was too busy picking the crusty chuncks of shit that were stuck up her stale curly ass pubes to notice.... when suddenly.....

Then lights instantly cut off.... leaving the arena wondering what happened... then when it came back on we were all in for a shock as The Unholy One himself.... DARKSPADE..... appeared.

Darkspade was long thought to have been killed and everyone watching were stunned!!!! When Diper stands up, leaving a drip of shit in her wake while shaking in utter terror for being a dumb-bitch.... Darkspade just shakes his head at the worthless mess. Diper begged for her life and even offered a position as a staff member on her Darkshit forums- but Darkspade answered, easily, by simply flicking his fingers together and all of a sudden

Diper was set on fire!!!!!

Alexander's mouth dropped for a second time as he witnessed Diper set ablaze....

Diper ran around the ring screaming for some KoolAID to put out the fire with, but, the only 'help' she got was when she went over to the torso of Gidboots and rolled underneath the stream off acid piss that was still leaking out from his micropenis....

Watching Diper squirm, cry like a bitch and offer her tits even during her demise was quite pathetic. And so we watched for days, weeks, months as Diper was set on fire over and over again and even roasted marshmallows

over her stinky corpse until finally all that was left of her was ashes and that picture of that goddamn overused unoriginal vampire!!!

When it was alllllll finally over.... Darkspade made a bow and disappeared into the darkness leaving Botch wandering the ring screaming "HUH?! and the ref declared Team Creature Wrestling the Undisputed victors....

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