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Posted at 10:58 am on Aug 5, 2017 by: DARKSPADE
Nothing... and I mean nothing is going to prevent me from walking out without MY TITLE!!!...

Spade ran as quickly as possible through the halls as time was ticking away to find HIS Absolute Undisputed Championship belt.... an occasional solider meet up with the Balanced One but Spade easily diverted their swords with just his arms - bouncing their blows onto themselves.... the power of the balance was interesting indeed... any unjust act used against Spade seemed to be bounced off of him like he was an instrument of judgement itself.... this helped reassure Spade that HE and HE ALONE was the RIGHTFUL holder of the Absolute title belt... but as Spade continued and down the hall he entered the courtyard outside of the arena where a whole legion of Roman soldiers both on foot and on horseback were waiting for them.

This wasn't necessarily tough, just, a burden of time. The view pans across the field and then fades to an extreme closeup of Spade's determined face.... Spade raises his arms up readying for the legion's onslaught when Spade saw that the gladiator, who has the belt across his waist, was on horseback on a hill behind the legion just smiling.....

But before Spade could engage- the view lookups up and we see a ghastly black raven descending from the sky with its red crimson hateful eyes locked on the soldiers. The soldiers screamed out "witchcraft" in Roman tongue- and the archers shot a volley of arrows at the raven in the air.... but as the black Raven, the transformed Hra'gad, swooped down, the arrows burned instantly just from his energy and then the bird dived down further as it retracted its wings and STRUCK THE GROUND SENDING AN EXPLOSIVE WAVE OF DARKNESS IN ALL DIRECTIONS!!!

Again, the balance protected Spade like a shield from the awe-impressing darkness that came from Hra'gad's heart..... when the dust cleared, every single solider on the battlefield went up in black smoke... And Hra'gad stood up, in his ghastly form, staring at the gladiator who was beside himself on the hill... Spade was also taken back by this and didn't react, he felt paralyzed with fear.... Then at that moment, a ball of cum splattered across Hra'gad's eyes and face temporarily blinding it.... for some reason that could only be explained by the power of the Wickedness.... but the cum from Red's Monster Beef affected Hra'gad with adverse effects......

That was when the gladiator unsheathed his sword and with a loud warcry- he hits the metal part of his spur against the horse's back and dashes down the hill for a final confrontation against the foreign intruders..... Red Spyder prepared by raising his diamond hard Monster Beef in his right hand, while Spade picked up a sword from off of the ground and together the two ran up the hill to collide with the gladiator..... but just before the three were just mere feet apart....

Hra'gad manages to rip the cum off of his face and he raises up into the air with his arms outstretched.... the sickening power of Hra'gad gathered all of the ashes from the dead soldiers and reassembled them with the DNA of his own into ghastly unborn creations!!! Hra'gad just laughed and then he opened his eyes even wider- then with just a thought alone a zombie breaks through the ground between the gladiator, Red and Spade and the zombie swung its sword sending the horse in a frenzy - shooting off the Gladiator to the ground before running away.

Red and Spade stopped in their tracks as the re-animated ghastly form continued to swing its weapon..... but that was meet with Red's indestructible Monster Beef as he ripped through the undead's sword AND form sending it back to hell where it belongs!!!

Spade was more interested in HIS BELT... and so he turned his sights at the Gladiator on the ground but suddenly a swarm of undead soldiers come storming his way. Just annoyed more than worried- Spade closes his eyes and his body illuminates a blue hue which, that power, then lifts all of the ghastly forms from off of the ground and then they are all thrust into the Earth again while being blanketed with the neutralizing power of the Balance..... but this was all nothing but a distraction!!!!

Hra'gad re-materializes near the gladiator who was still on the ground.... Then, as the gladiator rises to his feet, along with his sword... Hra'gad sinks his ghastly semi-transparent body into the man's ears and eyes!!!!! This was major worry because if Hra'gad completes this ritual and assumes the control over the man's body then he would also win the match simply by wearing it with the body!!!!!

Red definitely wasn't going to let that happen--- and so he pushes Spade to the side and swings his Monster Beef wildy.... the sticky pre--cum shot out like a fan with water blown into its path at Hra'gad.... the pre-cum splattered on Hra'gad's ghastly form and slowed down the process..... then, Spade pushes Red aside and with his eyes as white as snow- the power of Balance was summoned to release the Gladiator from Hra'gad's control... but that was when the Absolute title was beginning to glisten again.....

Hra'gad growled and his form lit up in a burning fiery glow of hatred which melted the pre-cum!!! At that time the Gladiator was just about to make a run for it again - but he didn't get far as Hra'gad extended his arm and impaled the Gladiator- ripping his heart out!!!

The Gladiator's eyes rolls back into his head as he falls to the ground- along with the title belt..... Hra'gad enjoyed what just happened and then he turned his sights on to the belt itself!!! Red shoves Spade aside with the Monster Beef and lunges to the body as Hra'gad was doing the same!!! Spade also lunges but then the remaining ghastly forms that Hra'gad re-animated break through the Earth again and snatched each of Red and Spade's ankles..... holding them!!

Hra'gad laughed as he rolls the dead Gladiator onto his chest so that he could dislodge the glistening glowing belt--- but in desperation more than anything, Red shot a volley of Wickness at Hra'gad.... but that just made Hra'gad laugh harder and longer since the Wickedness could not harm him.... but Red wasn't aiming at Hra'gad... he was aiming at the gigantic statue of Zeus over head!!! the statue breaks at its base from the Wickedness and all of a sudden you see this gigantic statue landing on top of Hra'gad... burying him under the rubble!!!

Once Red and Spade freed themselves from the ghastly hands by scorching them with their respectable powers-- and an occasional pre-cum-- Red and Spade again lunge at the rubble to find the title.... they could hear the humming vibration of the title underneath them.... finally, Spade was the first to find the Gladiator's hand and he even screamed out....


Red Spyder rolls his eyes into the back of his head and then shoots a web of pre-cum at Spade's mouth to shut him up!!!! Then, Red followed up by DDTing Spade's head face-first into the rubble which actually freed the Gladiator from his rubble tomb--- and right there, there it was..... the glistening radiant Absolute Undisputed belt--- Red places his hands across it and then was just about to rip it off of the corpse when- Hra'gad came too and grabs a hold of his father's Monster Beef!!!!!! Red instantly felt paralyzed with his son's ghastly grip around his big gigantic, sweaty, sticky, gooey, throbbing, and sometimes pulsating, Monster BEEF!


Red laughs.....
"That is where you are WRONG son..... YOU are NOTHING without MY Monster BEEF!!!!!"

Hra'gad stood confused when all of a sudden the pressure that was building up deep inside of Red's sweaty balls up to the point of Hra'gad's grip across the throbbing hose got so uncontrolling that the next thing you see is a


Red dropped down to his hands, knees and Beef. But Spade was already back up and he was HALF-WAY THROUGH TAKING THE TITLE BELT OFF WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN A BRILLIANT LIGHT FLASHES FROM THE BELT!!!!!

The fans watching all of this on the outside of the time bubble also experienced the enormous light-- it in fact, illuminated the inside of the arena so much that it was like it was daylight indoors.....

Then the next thing which happens after the light subsided is a new time and a new place emerged.... back in the time conversion rift.... Red and Spade rise from the ground to see that they are in a fortress that they never seen before; in fact, as Red walks forward on the balcony that they are on- in the vast landscape was littered with death.... the air was stale and the sky was a dastardly purple hue. Hra'gad, oddly, was no where to be found, yet.

"This place is unsettling... where the hell are we now... and where IS MY BELT!!!!?"

**Even the Monster Beef retreated in its little cave**
"How in the hell am I suppose to know?- but I admit, this is unsettling but heh..... I like that about this place... it even, feels like this is home"

As Red was speaking, he pauses as if he just seen a ghost..... Spade looks at Red curiously until Red raises his hand and pointed to whatever it was behind Spade.... Spade turns and, in shock, they both witnessed that not just that the Absolute Title belt was dangling high above on a perch on the tallest tower....

but down below that same tower was seemed to be The Dark Queen Lilith commandeering her army of worshipers for some impending battle.

"How... no... no way... no fucking way!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE!!!!!?????"

**Red smiles**
"WHEN is more like it Spade.... W H E N!!!"

Then unexpectedly- Red Spyder clubs Spade across his back with his Monster Beef.... and Red kicks Spade over the balcony to the ground of bodies below..... the Monster Beef seemed to be at odds, though, with Red because the moment it saw the Dark Queen in the distance - it retreated into its cave again.... but Red insisted that his Monster Beef stay out for some fun to come......

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