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Posted at 8:15 pm on Aug 11, 2017 by: Red Spyder (Dual Core Champion)
You're planning to leave without your title? Finally something we can both agree upon.

Red smiled at the sight of Spade landing far below on the pile of corpses. Climbing onto the railing of the balcony, he used a thick string of pre-cum from the Monster Beef to swing safely down. Planting his foot on the back of Spade's head to force his face into the cold, dead flesh, Red said, "That belt's MINE, asshole! No one will stop me from taking it! Not you! Not my so-called son! And sure as fuck not Queen Rotten Vagina!"

Lilith seemed to ignore Red's insults, eyeing the Monster Beef with lust. Licking her bloodstained lips with her long tongue, she motioned a finger for Red to approach. With her free hand, she rubbed her palm against her exposed, dripping vagina.

Doing as she commanded, Red gripped the Beef firmly at the base, squeezing and shaking it to make it harder. Giving it several strokes for good measure, more pre-cum oozed out from the tip.

With her hands on her breasts, squeezing her hard nipples, Lilith dropped to her knees and opened her mouth wide to devour him. Her fangs were fully exposed, hungry to drain him of more than his cum. She received no taste of his cock however. When Red reached her, she instead received the Beef bashing into her nose, bloodying it and knocking her over.

The beginning of the attack from her worshipers was instantaneous. Drawing various sharpened weapons, they swarmed Red, intent on rendering him helpless for daring to hurt their queen before she finished him off herself.

Swinging the Beef again like a club, Red knocked aside the first few worshipers, leaving them in no better condition than the Roman soldiers.

It was only when Spade got involved that the worshipers were able to fight back. Running from the bodies Red left him in, Spade kicked Red from behind, knocking him to his knees. Swarming him, they stabbed him with swords and spears. One worshiper was armed with a scythe.

Thinking it looked like the perfect tool to remove the Monster Beef and perhaps Red's other head as well, Spade stabbed the worshiper in the gut with a fallen sword. Ripping the handle of the scythe from his hands, Spade spun around and swung the scythe at the other worshipers, leaving large deep cuts in their flesh.

Still on his knees as blood dripped from numerous fresh wounds, Red looked up to see Spade standing over him. Sensing the danger, the Beef took control by forcing Red to flip over before wrapping around the handle of the scythe. Flinging the weapon away, it spun through the air before decapitating another worshiper, blood from his neck shooting high into the air as his body collapsed, much of it splashing down onto the fallen Lilith's face.

Red and Spade were ready to continue fighting when Red pointed and said, "Oh shit! Hra'gad!"

Spade was hesitant to believe Red, expecting him to attack as soon as Spade turned around. Kicking Red in the face to knock him flat onto the ground and barely turning his head to look, he discovered to his horror that Red wasn't trying to deceive him.

Hra'gad was already on the roof of the highest tower, trying to find a way to reach the belt dangling over the edge. It was the best opportunity any of them had received during the match to win.

Forgetting about Red, Lilith, and the remaining worshipers, Spade took off for the tower, entering and sprinting up the long, winding staircase that led to the top. He wasn't even halfway up when he heard Red stumble into the tower from below.

Looking up, Red gripped the Beef and launched another thick string of pre-cum, pulling himself up the stairs to Spade. Shoving the Unholy One against the stone wall, he said, "You thought you were going to just leave me behind? You thought I'd just let you two fight over the belt while I waited below?"

"ENOUGH OF THIS!" Spade said before kneeing Red in the balls, causing him to hunch over. "If Hra'gad gets that belt, we're all FUCKED!" Not bothering to further harm Red for the time being, Spade continued the long climb up the stairs.

When Spade reached the door leading to the roof, he found it blocked off from the other side. He shoved against it with his shoulder, but it wouldn't budge.

Not far behind Spade and out of breath, Red stopped and said, "Giving up now?! Fucking coward!"

"Fuck you! The door won't open!" Realizing they needed to get along for a moment, Spade added, "Help me! We've got to get through!"

Rolling his eyes, Red said, "Okay, fine. Stand back, little man." Taking a few steps back, Red charged at the door with the Monster Beef, using it like a battering ram again.

The door exploded into pre-cum soaked splinters and Spade followed Red out onto the roof. Hra'gad was pulling a heavy chain up the side of the building, the belt attached to the other end. Looking at them, he dropped the chain and said, "Can't you two take a hint? This belt's MINE! Now fuck off!"

Red and Spade launched blasts of their energy at Hra'gad, but as usual, it had no effect. In response, Hra'gad launched a wave of his own energy, knocking the CW veterans off of their feet.

Climbing back up, Red gripped his Beef and approached Hra'gad. "I think it's time you learned who's in charge, son." Red swung the Beef and it also had no affect on Hra'gad. The pre-cum that splashed from the tip did however, Hra'gad taking a step back and trying to wipe the sticky ooze off. Red remembered how this affected Hra'gad before and proceeded to swing the Beef more, the drops of pre-cum becoming larger as the Beef became more excited.

"STOP IT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!" Hra'gad screamed, stumbling backwards at that point.

Red didn't exactly know what he was doing to Hra'gad, why the pre-cum weakened him when nothing else seemed capable of doing so. Red paused to laugh at the sight of his son, showing the first signs of fear that he'd ever displayed to his father.

This was a mistake on Red's part as Hra'gad took advantage of the pause and grabbed Red, tossing him over the side of the tower. Red didn't plummet to the ground as Hra'gad hoped, instead barely grasping the edge of the roof's low wall, but he would be out of the way for a while.

Spade next tried to attack Hra'gad, only to receive a blast of Hra'gad's energy, which he was rapidly gaining back.

Before anymore fighting could occur, someone new joined them on the rooftop. It was a boy who wore Deadblood's Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Championship. Spade didn't recognize him, nor did Red from what he could see as he tried to pull himself back onto the roof, but Hra'gad clearly did. "What? Why are YOU here?! Not that it matters, you little shit! I'll be collecting MY belt now!" Hra'gad marched over the chain holding the belt and started to drag it up again. He worked fast, the belt landing on the rooftop with a clatter when he slung the last of the chain up.

Behind him, and with a little help from the Beef, Red finally pulled himself back onto the roof. Stroking the Beef rapidly to excite it further, he ran at Hra'gad and gave him a fresh splash of pre-cum, almost knocking him off the roof.

"NO! GET THE FUCK AWAY!" Hra'gad screamed, trying to dodge the pre-cum as Red flung more and more of it. He staggered, falling to one knee but pulling himself back up.

Red following, stroking the Beef harder to squeeze out all the pre-cum he could, looking as if he might cum right on his own son's face.

Before Red could reach that point, the strange boy stepped forward, the Mortal Wrestling belt beginning to glow at his waist. Hra'gad's eyes went wide and he screamed again before his body exploded, Red, Spade, and the boy ducking for cover as blackened blood and guts flew all over the rooftop.

Spade was the first to move, heading right for the Absolute Undisputed Championship and unclasping it from the chain.

Red's mouth dropped, realizing Spade had just won the match.

Spade stared at the belt in his hands, drawn in by its beauty and mysterious presence. It was then they heard Charon's voice, distant, still back at the arena. "Destroy the title! You know you must!" The Crystal of Darkness materialized out of thin air, thrown into the ring by Charon, and Spade caught it with one hand. With it came something else that rolled to the edge of the tower's roof. It almost looked like a hot dog, probably thrown by a fan.

Clutching the crystal, Spade stared down at the belt. He knew destroying the championship was the right thing to do, but could he? It was a mesmerizing work of art, capable of power unimaginable to most. He let the crystal slide from his fingers to hold the belt in both hands again. After one of the toughest matches of the his wrestling career, the most important title belt in existence was finally his.

The hot dog unexpectedly rolled again before slithering more like a snake, headed for the Crystal of Darkness. Red squinted and realized it was F'ein Dacor's penis. F'ein's penis grabbed the crystal and tossed it into Red's hands.

Keeping the crystal in one hand, Red moved towards Spade, who was still completely distracted with the Absolute Undisputed Championship. Reached down, Red firmly grabbed Spade by the throat and dragged him up, slamming him back down on the roof with a Taste of Wickedness Chokeslam.

Picking up the belt, now his belt, Red looked into its magical plates for himself. In his one hand, he could feel the Crystal of Darkness begin to vibrate due to its closeness the belt. Having a strong urge to cum after all the pre-cum he worked out of the Monster Beef, he dropped the belt to the roof and dropped to his knees. Placing the vibrating crystal against the head of the Beef like it was a vibrator, it only took Red a few strokes of the Beef before he came, shooting hot, white, sticky jizz all over the crystal and the plates of the title belt as well.

The Beef twitching as his massive orgasm subsided, Red dropped the Crystal of Darkness onto the Absolute Undisputed Championship and started laughing. "You might have won this match, Spade, but I just came all over your title! Later tonight, I'll do the same to Angel's face!"

Still laughing, he looked down at the title belt to see that it and the crystal were reacting to each other. He didn't know what the hell was happening. They were both shaking and glowing. In an explosion of bright light, the energy locked away within the plates of the belt was released, instantly binding with Red's fresh load of cum. The cum began to glow too, moving on its own and releasing small jolts of electricity.

Without warning, the cum shot back at the Monster Beef, forcing its way back into the urethra. Red screamed in pain as it reentered his body, falling back onto the roof, trying to stop it.

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