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Posted at 10:36 am on Aug 12, 2017 by: DARKSPADE
Of Dreams and Nightmares- the birth of The Unholy Darkness

All the while, standing watch over the events that just took place was The Dark Queen Lilith!!

Every single time that even drip of pre-cum slithered forth from Red's enormous and hardened scepter- she fell into an euphoria filled dream that she and she alone could only manipulate to fit around her endless increasing desires to taste the Monster Beef!!! Oh Lilith cuffed her exposed tits with both hands and rolled her palm around her erected bulging nipples as Red EXPLODED his syrup all over the tower.... dreaming that she was the pancake and Red unloads his sticky flavorful syrup all over her heated fluffy awaiting skin!!!

Then when the entity that emerged from the title entered into his enlarged urethra-- Lilith commanded her labia lips to open wide to take in her new toy.... a glossy wooden dildo. The dildo was lodged so far up her tunnel of lust that she could feel it pulsating her heart--- it did not help that Red even screamed in pain and agony.... Lilith, equally, was in pain- wishing and hoping that Red would cum from the torture he was in-- she yearned for it.... holding back no longer, Lilith came right there and an assortment of worshipers came in swarms to open their mouths wide to accept the sweet royale jelly that their Queen granted them to enjoy.

After some time and after she was cleaned off- Lilith's eyes rolled back in place. She noticed that a slither of white cottage cream even sprouted from the tiny hole from the tip of her nipple-- she scooped up the cream and placed it firmly on the top of her hot tongue and closed her mouth- allowing for the cream to slide slowly down her premium juice flavored throat... she never experienced THIS intensity before... causing even her body to produce flavors that she never had tasted from before!!!!!

That was it.... she demanded more. So, Lilith opened her legs up so wide that her exposed vagina was big enough to swallow herself and her worshipers whole.... and that is exactly what happened!!! she bent forward and stuck her head straight up her own vagina!!!!! then miraculously she got sucked into her own love tunnel and when she emerged out from the tunnel she was up in the tower with the rest...... she had teleported..... but before she could close her legs- out splattered right there and then in front of her were several of her loyal worshipers.... however, not even single one of them emerged complete- as the muscles in her love tunnel tightened--- she crushed a few of them... their sacrifice to their Queen was payed in full as she then wrapped her mouth on their genitals- both man and woman- and blew them back to LIFE with her life giving sticky saliva.

By this time, Red was on his hands and knees and beef!! in agonizing, excruciating pain!!! When Red looked up from on the ground at Spade- his eyes even filled with a black red goo which shocked even Spade with.... but it was not over, the entity which entered in Red was trying to turn Red inside and out.... at times, everyone there watching, and the fans who were still witnessing this entire shocking event in their own time, all saw a ghastly over layed face on top of Red's own face.... it was the face of Hra'gad!!! The power was hauntingly more potent than the Hra'gad that Spade and Red just fought- which, once again, caused Lilith to spill her royale jelly to then be eaten up.

Meanwhile, the boy who was still watching was intrigued by what was happening and all this while he goes over and picks up what remained of the Absolute Undisputed title belt..... with a smile, the boy says "Now. It begins."

Hra'gad seemed to be nearly in complete control over Red's body by now but, something unexpected happened, the disembodied penis of F'ein Dacor slithered back up and rushed to re-enter through Lilith's waterfall of Royale Jelly into her infamous love slit.... Lilith did not feel F'ein Dacor enter into her - as she is very much use to A LOT of things entering into that backdoor. Suddenly, Lilith coughs and opens her mouth so wide that an arm emerged from it!!!! Spade, who was already stunned by was happening to Red, glances over and is taken even more back as he witnesses a body explode from out of Lilith's mouth and fall to the floor butt naked!!!!!

Lilith wiped off the afterbirth from her hot blistering lips and went back to feeding jelly to her worshipers-- but the body rose from its gooey sticky pod and looked questionably at the situation in-front of him..... F'ein Dacor had a new body!!! he was at first amazed that he could see again and then looked back down at his hands and at his dick.... Grinning, F'ein shot his head back at Red and then offered in the cup of his hand a soup of Lilith's afterbirth for which was forcefully shoved down Red Spyder's throat...... F'ein Dacor stepped back and before you know it, Red Spyder twitched uncontrollably.... and the ghastly form which was overlayed on to Red's form looked even worried and started to make howling sounds until.....

With even more lightning jolted from Red's body--- the entire tower rumbled and a darkened light exploded from Red that was oddly familiar to Spade.....

Even at the arena in the present time- the blackened light that emerged shocked the entire arena.... Charon stood there with her mouth wide open along with the crying lil' Red still in her arms.... she thought to herself, "did I do the right thing and throw the Crystal of Darkness down there...." Brandon, on the other hand, was equally shocked but at the same time - determined. He turned and left Charon alone for some reason....

Back in the deep past, the blackened light shot itself across the scorched land- that in the distance on the battlefield, a battle between an unknown opposing force and Lilith's force, all stop in unison to stand and watch, in awe, at the enormous dark power that they just experienced....

When the scene cross-fades back at the tower.... and when Spade opened his eyes he saw Red Spyder standing upright and completely clothed in a glossy dark armor, and an unusual mask....

Red was different.... could have Hra'gad succeeded? The mere sampling of power radiating from Red was beyond recognition but it was of the most Un-purist of Darkness- an, Unholy Darkness.

F'ein smiles and then instantly drops to his knees, bowing at Red.

"I finally found you, my Liege. Hra'Spyder my one and true Unholy God."

Red Spyder looked at his hands as if he was a newborn baby- twirling his newfound powers around his limbs.

Hra'Spyder slowly removes the dark mask from his face showing how psychotic he has become....

"It is clear to me now. So clear. Heh. Yes. I am the Guardian of Wickedness but moreso, I also its master. Not even the anguish of my own damned son could overcome MY evil. And he is now under MY control..... which means, for you, doom. DOOM!!!!!!!"

Lilith all he while was cumming like an endless reservoir-- and the boy, he disappeared!!!

From afar and wide-- the forces of Darkness returned to the stronghold and surrounded the tower..... feeling the power of the ominous Darkness and in unison they bowed!!!

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