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Posted at 11:00 pm on Aug 16, 2017 by: Botch Recliner (Soon-To-Be Champion)

It didn't pass. Alexander had opened the floodgates. The crabs piled up several feet high in the ring, coated with premium juices, before spilling out of the ring onto the floor. The crabs hadn't reached Alex, but he was trapped on the turnbuckle. There was nowhere for him to run to.

This continued for six months. Near the end, the flow of crabs began to slow. Staphanie had withered due to losing so many crabs, resembling someone with an eating disorder, her second-hand breast implants dangling awkwardly from her chest. The crabs hadn't buried her, instead spreading out around their mother.

As the crabs finally stopped, Alex breathed a sigh of relief, though he was still trapped. On the opposite turnbuckle sat Chane, still jacking off to his sister's gaping crab cave. Botch was lost in the sea of crabs, an occasional HUH? giving away his location under the crabs.

From the middle of the ring, Staph let out a weak, ragged scream. Chane, realizing his sister's need for nourishment, dared to wade through the crabs. Crouching down over her face, he started to cum, piss, and shit in her mouth to revive her.

After six more months, Botch wandered over to Alex, emerging briefly from the crabs.


Knowing exactly what Botch was "caple" of, Alex grabbed Botch by the goatee before reaching into his pocket for a bottle of sleeping pills. Pulling open Botch's mouth, he dumped the whole bottle in. More than enough to kill a normal man, but Botch's body was used to high dosages of drugs thanks to his steroid abuse.

Botch was snoring in seconds and Alex climbed onto his peaks from the turnbuckle. Still in the crabs, Botch headed for Chane and Staph, holding Alex above the crabs. When they neared, Staph had almost fully regained her strength thanks to her brother's offerings. She sucked and licked at his small cock and hairy anus.

Completely disgusting, Alex kicked Chane in the back and knocked him into the crabs. Staph sat up and wiped her mouth, picking at a speck of shit stuck in her butter teeth. Setting Alex down between Staph's hairy legs, not a space Alex want to be but at least it was free of crabs for once, Botch picked up Staph by her implants over his head and tossed her into the crabs after Chane.

The crabs quickly began filling in the spot where Staph previously lay and Alex scrambled back up onto Botch's peaks.

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