What’s on The Promoter’s Mind?

What’s on The Promoter’s Mind?


“I have here tonight a man that needs no introduction. The Promoter of the greatest wrestling federation on the planet…. going on now almost 17 years. Mr. Arcane… a warm welcome back in the hot seat.”

Keanu Reeves

“Thank you again for having me Micheal Cole. I will do anything to please the MegaFans of this entire sport!”


“CreatureWrestling has been through it all and when the dust always clears it stands tall. I cannot believe that we are on the fast track to 17 years! That’s an amazing accomplish by the Creature Wrestlers who stayed on, the fans watching and I am sure for yourself. Sir.”


“Not very surprised that CreatureWrestling survived while other less deserving have not only failed but floundered into an embarrassing non-existence LOL! [smiles as he re-adjusts his suit and places his right hand slightly out]… Look. Anyway you look at it- CreatureWrestling was where it all happened. Where the creativity was developed and flourished. Not very hard to see how fools wanting to sit in my very seat- FAILED. It happened with See-See-Doubya and it happened with Darkshit Wrastling Frauds. [Sits back] Anything else you would like to ask?”


“I see your point Mr. Arcane… I admit, I was surprised seeing an imposter with my same name appear on television and call himself Micheal Cole too… They are THAT unoriginal. Reminds me a lot of Melania Trump’s clearly plagiarized RNC campaign speech! As if Republicunts are sad, ridiculous band of racist redneck-fucking-stupid-pre-school-dropout-cunts – it’s also that we have a mindless douche trying to run for President of the United States… Man oh man they are screwed!”


“Whooo whoooo Micheal! haha you’re usually calm but yes I agree. Ha. And since we are on this topic- did you see the Trump statues that have been appearing all over major cities in the US with the plaque ‘Emperor has no Balls’? Absolutely amazing!”



“Oh you mean Cunter or Dark Rectum?”

[Alexander and Micheal Cole just laugh for a good 3 minutes]

“But what I really wanted to talk to you about, sir, is the recent restructuring of CreatureWrestling and it’s original brands: CWE and ECF. Ever since Chane and Staphanie came back- it’s been a bumpy ride… then you bring back the brands forcing the two siblings to compete against each other. What is your reasons for all of this?”


“The beauty behind CreatureWrestling and the fact we are the authentic product- gives us that flexibility to do dramatic things which shakes up the pot and create interest. Sometimes you need to destroy a dam in order to rebuild a bigger, faster and stronger one…. Well that’s the idea behind the brand split. I brought back the split because CreatureWrestlers have gotten too comfortable… and having competition is never a bad thing to have among our wrestlers. For Chane and Staphanie- well, this little sibling rivalry IS Best for them AND BEST for Business.”


“One last thing, can you tell us how the current champions are going to fit into this whole brand split equation?”


“Very good question, Micheal. We will be modeling the same format that we engaged in the CWE/ECF era before… titles will be delegated to their respected brands and represent them. However, the Absolute Undisputed title represents the best of both brands… and to gain the right to fight the champion resides in what I have said to you before about Brand Faces…..”


“What about the Undisputed Mortal Championship title? How does that play into the Brands since it represents the MWE?”


“The MWE unfortunately did not last long – for us to see the potential it could have been. The title was brought back into the picture because of Kizmat’s challenge to the then Absolute champ, Deadblood… but now with the brand split, we will have to eventually retire the Mortal Championship.”


“My sources tell me that Deadblood has no intentions of relinquishing the Mortal belt to you or to anyone… any comments?”


“[Adjusts his seat] He will do what IS Best for Business… MY Business.” (Alexander gets up slowly and then walks out!)


“Well… that was a surprising end to this interview. Until next time we meet, this is Micheal Cole signing off!”


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