CreatureWrestling is a FREE message board game where you can write stories and/or match write on a fictitious wrestling organization called: CW! (aka, an E-fed). Beats the boring, every-day-is-the-same stuff on Facebook and Instagram eh? We’re with you on that lol.

What is an E-fed?
“…a fantasy wrestling league or promotion operated entirely online and is based on professional wrestling.”

You can create characters of mostly any type you can think of regardless if they are creatures or mortals. Our main inspiration for CreatureWrestling is related to WWE’s “The Undertaker” and the “Creatures of the Night” aka the fans of The Undertaker.

The game is designed to be friendly on your busy life as well where you can choose when and how to play. You will notice that our events may take months to complete but that all depends on the number of active players at a time. The more players we have the sooner events come in! So, tell your friends about us!

Registeration Instructions:

  1. Make sure that you introduced yourself here first: Join CW Forum
  2. Then, register with the NAME & email address of the main character you just introduced. DO NOT USE ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR CHARACTER NAME (ex: login234)
  3. Please allow 1~2 days for the officials to accept your application.
    You will not be able to post to non-public areas of the message board until you are approved.
  4. If you are also interested in signing up for an account on all three message boards: CWNET, and then please make sure to leave the checkbox button checked below. If you just want a CWNET account, then uncheck that same box.

– Character Name must not be blank and contain only letters, numbers and be 3 to 20 characters in length; and no special characters.
– Password must not be blank and contain at least 6 characters and no special characters.
– If you need a custom name that cannot be registered or any other problem, then contact us.

This registration form will create a login to access CWNET message board where the main e-fed is played on. In addition, if you choose, you can register to all three message boards (phpBB) that we supply: &

The two phpBB boards exist on different message board plateforms. So the style of posting is different and their intended purposes are different as well.

On you can play more casually and focused primarily on non-creature related genre/traditional wrestling styles.

On you can post about general discussions/non-wrestling related or related to pro-wrestling or The Undertaker specifically. is purely a wrestling fan message board and NOT affiliated with WWE; and NOT official.

Character Name*:

Email Address*:


Confirm Password*:

* Check here if you want to register this same character account for both and boards. Note: you will have to login into each board seperately; if you change your password on any board, then the passwords are not shared anymore.

Need Help? Then please email: