Rules and F.A.Qs


CreatureWrestling is a game that is played on message boards that centers around the theme of merging wrestling with fantasy together – which have no boundary in terms of the genres that you can come up with.

On the surface, CreatureWrestling is an E-Fed which is basically a simulated wrestling environment online where it’s completely fictional and moderated using game rules. For a more complex explanation of what an E-Fed is please read this:

But what differentiates us from all of the E-Feds out there is that we cater to a much wider range of playing styles and the player has complete control over how their character is developed. With other E-Feds- the owners or staff members micromanage your career up to the very point of writing FOR  you. Now, some players like this… while others do not. It’s really a matter of preference but CreatureWrestling stands above all of the rest for our sound principles and we have produced stronger players and events which topples even the biggest known E-Feds out there.

I am very happy that you wanted to try us out! To begin, you simply click on this link:

And follow the on-screen instructions. Due to spam causing issues with message boards, you will have to pass through a CAPTCHA gate before actually being able to register your character.

Once you get to the registration screen, make sure that you create your unique character name (not a typical username) for your character account and a valid email address. Once you do this- a temporary generated password will be emailed out to you and you would then be able to change this later in your account page.

Finally make sure to navigate to the Recruitment forum on the message board and introduce yourself to the community. Due note that new recruits go through a probation period and if this site is not suitable towards your needs you may also elect to leave at anytime- but please inform us on our out-of-character board.

Matches lead up to winning titles- just like in real life.


1. Participate in Role Plays and Matches. The more role plays you post, the better your chances.

2. Participate in Events. When we hold events, request a match.

3. Win/Lose in matches. All matches are figured out by the players involved in them or by the officials. Winning matches does not increase your chance at title shots. Your effort involved in the match and role plays do!

4. Request a title drop from a champion. If a champion’s STF (suggested title frame) is up and you request to be the next champ by either communicating to the champ and/or to the officials AND your activity in the e-fed is at good standing… then arrangements will be made where you obtain the title through a match setup.

Everything done in the e-fed is through story developments and planned.

More info:

The very first thing you would need to do is establish your character. You do this through reputation…. simply put, the more you post and the more you get involved the higher your reputation. Obviously a player who hasn’t poured in as much time into the game will not be up for a title shot.

The second thing you do is challenge a player… you can do this directly via a post on the board and calling someone out and/or through role-plays. The combination of the two approaches are the best. *It’s a best practice to email the player that you want a feud with or use the OOC board.

Once a player accepts your challenge, then you create an “angle.” An angle is basically an outline of events that you and your game mate(s) develop and think ahead towards a final outcome… just like in real pro-wrestling…. oh you didn’t know that pro-wrestling was fake and scripted?!

Now for the match wins…. by default the officials decide but they rarely evoke that power because players involved in the angle decide who wins! This is one of the hallmarks for why CW is so much more different and dynamic. It involves teamwork.

For titles, it’s practically the same way. It’s expected that you follow the same pattern for getting involved in an angle with someone who has a title. You work together to plan everything out up until the drop occurs… but here is the official rules about titles which are different than winning matches:

1. Each title has a STF (suggested time frame) where upon the end of the event the champion has a period of time where they are safe and do not have to drop their belt. But after the end of the STF, the champion is NOT safe and they MUST drop to whoever is the #1 Contender. To become a #1 Contender really is determined through match wins, player’s involved in an angle and what the officials say. Officials can over ride player decisions but this rarely happens. IF there are no #1 Contenders then the champion does not have to drop UNTIL there IS a #1 Contender. This is referred to as an STF Extension.

2. Champions must drop their belt immediately if they do not participate in the game for more than 2 consecutive months. The officials can also strip a champion for any reason they deem appropriate such as: behavior issues/banning or monopolizing a title.

There are detailed rules for special circumstances such as: who should post first or what should a player do if there are more than one opponent in a match.

Please review these rules here:

How to Play?

Match Rules

Championship Rules

If you have problems with other players, please do not hesitate and contact us. Though not all concerns will warrant disciplinary action, the Staff will investigate the issue and apply the appropriate measures to stop the issue.

First, above all, CreatureWrestling is an independent and privately owned game site. We are a professional site and we are not for sale or acquisition. CreatureWrestling’s titles are ONLY valid ON CreatureWrestling message boards and websites built, managed and endorsed by CreatureWrestling and no where else!

No other E-Fed, website, organization or individual (player or official – both past or present) outside of our jurisdiction has the right to use, modify or represent us (our brand as well as our titles) WITHOUT PERMISSION.

CreatureWrestling is large enough to stand on it’s own and is in no need of affiliates. However, the Company is not turned away from participating in events with other E-Feds with other players for as long as it is done right and permission was given. Other titles brought onto our message board are by default not permitted unless otherwise given permission first by the CW Administrator, and NO ONE ELSE. By default, the CW Admin will not grant the use of other titles on the message board for reasons not withstanding copyright conflicts as well as countability of the player’s agenda and unfair conduct towards legit CreatureWrestling Championship holders.

As dismal as this may sound- there are exceptions such as interfed competitions/tournaments and special promotions where ALL E-Feds are promoted fairly and there is an expiration date.

CW ultimately does not want a player to bring other titles over on our boards which could give them an unfair advantage, cause problems with other E-Feds and/or cause CW to be held responsible.

CreatureWrestling also requires that ALL Players, Officials and Staff members to NOT mention past E-Feds in both good or bad light; in or out of character.

You can email us at