The e-fed is played on our message board:

  • Step 1: Register an account
  • Step 2: Introduce yourself on the Join forum
  • Step 3: Start posting! For beginners, use the “Free for All” board to do light RPs, challenges and promos/cameos for upcoming matches. You are not required to even be logged in for the Free for All board!
  • Step 4: Try other MegaVerse boards, such as our main board: Role-Playing Board.
  • Step 5: Develop a reputation by continuously challenging, role-playing and developing your character(s).
  • Step 6: Participate in matches. Note: you are not required to participate in matches if you do not want too. You can enjoy just role-playing!

Debut Posts:

  • If you’re a new player, starting a new character or just want to show the entire e-fed that your here- then you post a DEBUT post. A Debut post can be a scene, challenge, interview etc… that introduces your character in the gameplay. Here is an example:
A strange man can be seen walking in the darkness the strange man is wearing a dark black robe and all you can see is his red eyes. the dark character starts to talk.

Kaku: my destiny awaits me. somewhere within the darkness i will find the light. I will finally raise hell again. The dead will walk the earth, And hell’s gates will finally be opened to rain the fresh smell of death throughout the universe. At last i will finally be free of the misery and pain. NO! I will never be free of the pain. I try hard but it never stops the pain always keeps going. It never stops. MAKE IT STOP!! NO, i don’t want it to, I won’t let it.the dark creature starts walking towards a building the man continues to talk.

Challenging/Call Outs:
You basically call out anyone on the roster for a confrontation in the ring or anywhere you can imagine! Challenging/Call outs are the most typical way to start a feud. The best place to do this is on the “Free for All” Board.


  • These posts are usually written on the Role-Playing board but can exist practically anywhere.
  • They are intended to be detailed posts that extend a confrontation through scenes in or out of the ring. Or, posts about your character such as your backstory.
  • Role playing is limitless! Have fun with it.

Stable/Faction Posts:

  • A Stable/Faction/Group is a collection of wrestlers that have allied with one another for a common cause. If you join one of these then anybody in the group can write for anybody in a RP scene etc… There is usually an opposing Stable/Faction and you may also write scenes with those opposing people too.

Main Storyline:

  • CreatureWrestling always runs a “Main Storyline” which is recognized as an ongoing string of related stories which impacts the game anywhere from establishing global goals to arranging main events. The main storyline usually has a main antagonist (all powerful bad person) with heroes that try and save the day. It is only in the main storyline you may have an all-powerful bad or good character but they always have a limit to how long they remain like this. Main storylines are also recorded in our CW History pages!!

There are many other ways to play the game such as participating in Events and Tournaments! More are covered in the tabs below.

You’re playing your entire career out on message boards at your own pace. The Officials DO NOT write for you… Some E-Feds DO that…. NOT here on CW because we believe in developing players into actual professional e-fed wrestlers. The biggest benefit to allowing players to post at their own pace without limitations to RPing or matches is that you get to have fun, develope your character and most of all, you get to experience a real wrestling career!

The e-fed’s story base comes from 2 sources. 1. Main storyline- is a continuous storyline played by the main storyline writers which all events are centered around and tells the main story of the e-fed. The main storyline has no ending and each story leads into the next plot/angle. The main storyline is open to everyone on the roster – however, an outline is usually present and the participants may have to play a predetermined outcome. ONLY in the main storyline may you have an all-powerful antagonist character(s) and an all-powerful hero character(s)- but at some point in the storyline, the hero and/or villain will be defeated or lose their powers.

2. Player’s storylines- are stories which are made up by the player themselves and can be completely independent from the main storyline of the e-fed -OR- be an off-shoot of the main storyline. In the player’s storyline: there can background stories of their characters or stories just about the feuds with other players etc…

How to Setup Matches:
Matches are posted by officials only on official events at an unset time but we try and be consistent. The timeframe for any event depends entirely on the amount of roster members that there are and the average availability of the roster members. So what this could mean is an event could be at minimum 2 weeks long to several months long.

Before an event is posted we conduct Match Calls which is basically a board you go to to pitch your wanted match with someone. The officials will decide if the match is okayed to be used and we will post the match on the event.

How to Win Matches & Titles?:
First, post A LOT on the RPG board and get involved. Challenge wrestlers, write your backstory etc…

Second, get involved in official matches. Win or lose does not truly matter. Your quality and longevity does on the message board. Pay attention to when a current champion’s STF (suggested title frame) is almost up. Once their STF expires they are required to drop their belt to the next valid #1 contender. If there is no #1 contender, then their STF is ‘ignored’ indefinitely until their is a valid #1 contender or if the champion wants to give the title up.

Third, when you feel you are ready, apply for a title belt plan with the current champion of the title of your interest to become #1 contender:

1. Submit your interest to:
2. Make contact with the current champion
3. Provide links to posts and matches that you have done within 2 months in your submission.

Make a plan with the current champion and officials and the champion drops to you.

Everybody will at one point lose matches and titles. You cannot and may not hold a monopoly over titles and you MUST lose too!

Can you be more specific about how to win a Championship?…

Yes. There are three possible ways to win.

METHOD #1: Standard

• Step 1: Pursue a champion or a championship division by posting (continuously) on the boards. You have the option to email an official to pitch in your bid for a championship. An official will observe your participation and they may assist in your goals by pushing your character(s). However, it is up to you to do this for yourself.

Please note, that at this point you are not given a guaranteed title drop! Also be patient. Titles are not won over night. And do not makeup your own titles or title matches!

• Step 2: To qualify for a title drop, you must be in an angle/storyline with the championship holder or in the related division. The easist way to qualify is to challenge a champion on the boards. You will not receive the title just by challenging- YOU MUST WORK FOR IT!

  • If you have slipped out of activity, not participated/aimed to some degree for the title in your RPs/promos, conducted bad behavior- then may not qualify for a title drop.
  • If you lose matches you will be bumped down on the list if there are more than one player that has an interest in the title you want.

• Step 3: Waiting for the STF to Finish, or if the champion is willing- you may arrange to have the title dropped before the STF ends.

STF (suggested title frame)

SUGGESTED TITLE FRAME (exclusive CW rule since 2002). The title frame is the total time limit that a champion can hold their title before they must drop it. The STF is the # of months since the the event that they obtained the title. STF is a safety net for the champion- however, a champion does not have to wait for their STF to expire to drop a title. Please be courteous to your fellow players and help them to grow and not sit out STF reigns. If you do that, you risk being suspended from the gameplay.

STF extensions: A STF will only be extended if there are no contenders/people interested in the belt and there is no limit to the extension. However, when the STF passes- the officials have the right to take control over your title reign and they may decide to make you drop it to the most available #1 contender.

CW Absolute Undisputed Championship: (4 MONTHS + Approval)
CW Dual Core Championship: (2 MONTHS/PARTNER)
CW Infiltrate Championship: (EXEMPTED)
CW Sex God Championship: (EXEMPTED)


CW Dual Core: The dual core titles can be exchanged at anytime. However, each partner has a maximum of 2 months to hold the title. When they reach 2 months their STF expires.
CW Infiltrate: This belt is a 24/7 belt and can be won anytime, anywhere but only on the CW Infiltrate Board. No STF is required, but if the belt is untouched/unplayed for a long time the officials may take control and rotate the belt.
CW Sex God: This is an angle title and does not have a STF or has to be rotated. However, at some point the champion must drop the title to continue the storyline. This will be advised by the officials.


METHOD #2: Quick Title Drop

The QTD is a choice granted to a champion if they wish to drop the title when there hasn’t been anyone named #1 contender. The champion may drop the title at anytime without any wait for as long as the title is dropped in a ppv or tv event.

METHOD #3: Open Title Win

For whatever reason being the champion was stripped or a new title was added to the game or there was a tournament for a title. You can obtain a title through a special open title match. Usually in this case the match is judged by the officials and we elect the new champion.


When a champion obtains a title, they do not have to lose a title match unless:

1. Their STF has ended.

2. Attendance/participation is poor.

3. Behavior problems occur.

4. They no-show/don’t complete matches.

A Champion can name their successor if they have successfully completed or in an angle with their successor for at least 2 months.


Your title reign is moderated by the officials and we can remove your title if you:

1. Don’t play out your title reign.

2. Attendance/participation is poor.

3. Behavior problems occur.

4. They no-show/don’t complete matches.

5. If your STF is up and you refuse to drop your title to a successor.


B4Pro is the life before Professional Wrestling in the CW. You may play a career in your story-lines as though you are not yet signed to the CW. There are events that support B4Pro players.

B4Pro can be played at two places:

  1. On
  2. On used to be an official website owned jointly by Chaos Comics and WWE! (no kidding). The website went defunct for many years until CW obtained it. Besides being a site that used to be an official place to go- the site holds special memories because this is where this game was inspired from. We use as a place for general wrestling discussions. is a spinoff promotion of it has its own message board and its unique rules for interacting as an E-Fed.

Both sites are owned and operated by CreatureWrestling Company.