1. Pin-Fall: No interference, No Weapons, You win by scoring a pin fall, a submission (both of which needs to be in the ring.) or if your opponent gets counted out (10 Count).2. Tag Team match: This type of match is exactly the same as Pin-fall but with a partner. Only two participants can be in the ring at once- you switch partners by tagging them.3. HardCore Match: In a HardCore Match anything goes (Except the use of Magic), you can use weapons and have interference. Falls and Submissions count anywhere so there is no count outs.4. Darkweight Match: This is the same as a hardcore match but allows for the use of magic in the match. pin falls and Submissions once again count anywhere.5. Submission Match: This Match is one where all the rules are in place but the only way you can win is by count out or submission.

1. Evening Gown or Bikini Match: This ones for the ladies =), usually lol. The wrestlers dress up in evening gowns (or whatever they agreed to) and the winner is the one that removes the opponent’s clothes down to bra and underwear!

2. Tux Match: This one is for the men…. same rules apply as the Evening Gown match.

3. Six-Pac on a Pole Match: quite simple, the first one that can get that BEER wins!

4. The Drunk’n Salior: A table is set in the ring and the contenders take turns drinking until one passes out! The one that can hold his/her own liquor wins!

5. This Bud’s for you!: A hardcore-BEER-last-DRUNK standing match! this ones totallllyyy brutal! The contenders MUST be DRUNK to begin the match! BEER will be available either by ringside, in a moat, or a pool….. and the first one that drinks the most in an selected amount of time wins!!!

6. Slippery When Wet Match: The participants must reach capture the soap bar in the shower to be the winner! May include fatal four way, triple threat, bikini match etc to make this fun and truly interesting!

7. Temptation Match: For these types of matches- there is a temptation of some sort and the winner is the one that can withstand that temptation or surpass it, etc…

8. Jello in Hell Match: A hell in a cell + jello= Jello in hell Match!!! OH MY!!

9. Ring around the Rosey Match: Another match designed for the drunkweights- all the participants must be drunk to start. When a participant is strike with a chair and falls completely down on the outside of the ring- will be eliminated.

10. Drunk’n Annihilation Match: Simply put- its an Annihilation Match, but Drunk.

1. Texas Tornado Match: This is the standard tag team match in the CW, Both members of each team can be in the ring at the same time. You win by scoring a pinfall, submission (Both of which needs to be in the ring.), or count out. Only one member has to be beat for the team to lose.

2. Ladder Match: In a ladder match there is an object (Usually a title) that is suspended high in the air and the only way to get it is by climbing the ladder and grabbing it. The first person to do this wins the match. Use of Weapons are permitted as well as interference.

3. Weapons Match: This is a match where the opponents only use one weapon (usually their preferred one) Other than the use of a weapon all other rules apply. (The Pin or Submission must take place in the ring. Count outs are also in effect.)

4. Weapon On A Pole Match: In this type of match a weapon is placed on top of a pole in the corner of the ring. The first person to get to the weapon is aloud to use it. that person is also declared the winner.

5. Hell In A Cell: This match is a hardcore match that takes place in a lage steel cage that there is no escaping from, the door to the cell is locked until the match is over. The use of weapons is aloud but the pin fall or submission must occur in the ring. There is no count outs.

6. Last Man Standing Match: This is a hardcore match were the only way to win is be standing. Every time you are on the mat the ref will start a 10 count, if you are not up before the end of the 10 count you lose.

7. Street Fight: Is a battle that takes place in the parking lot or elsewhere outside the arena. You win by scoring a pin fall or submission.

8. Brawl (By Location): This is a match were although the battle is hardcore it is only in a certain location. The winner is the first to score a pin fall or Submission. (example: Computer Lab Brawl – 2000 KOTR)

9. Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: The object of this match is to get 2 out of 3 wins, the first person that gets 2 victories via Pin Fall, Submission, Count out (A victory is determined by the match stipulations) is the winner.

10. Lumberjack Match: This is a normal match in all aspects the only difference is that the ring is surrounded by other wrestlers who if you are thrown out of the ring will put you back in the ring by force. The winner is the first to score a pin fall or submission.

11. Gauntlet Match: In a Gauntlet match one person has to face off against a series of others. Only one member of the Gauntlet can be in the ring at a time and when they are eliminated (Pinfall, Submission, Count out.), The next member comes to the ring. this continues until ether the lone wrestler is eliminated or the Gantlet team is eliminated.

12. Triple Threat Match: In a Triple Threat Match the first person of the three opponents to score a victory wins. (Victory is based on match stipulations)

13. Triangle Match: A Triangle Match is similar to a Triple Threat Match the difference is when a person is defeated they are eliminated. This continues until there is one person left.

14. Fatal Four Way Match: This is a triple threat match with 4 opponents. All the opponents are in the ring at the same time and the first person to score a victory wins. (Victory is based on match stipulations.)

15. Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: This is like a triangle match with 4 opponents where the people are eliminated until one person is left, that person is the winner. (Victory Based on other match Stipulations.)

16. Red Button Match: To win, A team member must make it to a red button at the top of the ramp and press the button of the opponent or opposing team. The button triggers an explosive devise that is attached to the wrestlers causing third degree burns. If you press the wrong button and blow yourself up or your team then you lose. (However it would be an accident because the buttons are marked clearly. The ring has a constant stream of flames coming out of the corners and the buttons themselves are surrounded by a ten foot fence topped by strands of barbwire.

17. Strap Match: Both opponents are have a long leather strap that has an end tied around each of their wrists. The first person to touch all four ring posts consecutively wins.

18. Table Match: The winner is the first person to put their opponent through a table.

19. Dog Collar Match: In this match both opponents wear dog collars and are attached by a dog chain, you win but a pinfall or Submission.

20. Cement Mixer Match: The Ring is surrounded by a moat of quick drying cement, you win the match by scoring a pin fall, submission or throwing your opponent into the cement.

21. First Blood Match: The first person to cause the other to bleed from a decent wound is the winner of a first blood match.

22. Testicular Fortitude Match: Starts as a hardcore cell match in which random stipulations will be added or changed every 5mins by the ref or an official. Anything can happen.

23. Lions Den Match: A circular ring with a cage around it & a lil walk ramp around the top… Beat your opponent & the way to win is to get the hell outta the lion’s den.

24. Tables, Ladders and Charis (OH MY!) Match: Regular hardcore match with loads of tables, ladders and chairs.

25. Scaffold Match: There are scaffolds hanging bout 20 feet above the ring & tables filling the whole ring piled a top each other… if you fall down or get knocked off, you lose.

26. Handicap Match: This match is usually 2 on 1. Basically, someone outnumbers the other and/or a special stipulation may be in effect that causes the match to be against the odds for one of the participants.

27. Steel Cage Match: A smaller cage than the Hell in the Cell- a rectangular cage is connected to the ring. The winner is the one that can first either exit through the door or over the cage, and touch the floor with both feet firmly on the ground!

28. Stake in the Heart Match: Casket with a large stake inside, is provided at ringside!! Whoever can take his opponent and stake them in any portion of the body wins!!! (Variations can include: Hell in Cell, inferno etc, Submitted by DS).

29. Through Hell and Back Match: “It is no disqualification and darkweight rules. At the start of the match the area surrounding the ring will be set on fire. After three minutes a portal will appear in the ring. As soon as one man steps into it, it will transport them both to a location of his choosing. Once in this location, wherever it may be, the fight will continue. After another three minutes the portal will appear again. The fight will continue in different locations until the portal randomly returns both men to the ring. Once in the ring they will battle it out with one pinfall or submission deciding the match. Of course don’t forget the fire surrounding the ring.” (submitted by Ric Slade, 2003).

30. Hardcore Heaven: First of all the crowd are protected by an enclosed dome of plastic that surrounds the ring also meaning that no wrestler can escape. In and around the ring are scattered myriad weapons along with several strip lightbulbs (Lightbulbs in long stripes rather than an actual bulb). Inside these lightbulbs are timers set at random times at which point they explode sending glass flying out (note the need for the plastic dome). Six competitors enter the ring. There is no referee inside the dome for obvious reasons and therefore the winner is the last person conscious. (submitted by DNA, 2003).

31. Flaming barbed wire cell match: This match is a hell in a cell, but on both sides of the steel cell (inside and outside) there is barbed wire covering it the whole way. Also, the ring is surrounded by flames. And also the ropes are made of barbed wire, along with the turnbuckles and turnbuckle pads being wrapped in it. The fire is very wild and quite often random bits of flame will fly into the ring. (Submitted by Plague, 2003).

32. Building site match: It’s basically a hardcore match but fought out in a building site with all the bricks, cranes structures etc. (submitted by Plague, 2003).

33. Body Bag Match: This is no holds barred. The winner is the one to put his opponent in a body bag and zip it closed

1. Ex-Treme Hell In A Cell: This unsanctioned Hell in a Cell is the same as a normal Hell in a Cell except that the ring itself is created to be housed in a gigantic CELL. The players enter through a one-way door which is then wielded shut. Anything goes inside- and everything to destroy your opponent is in the cell. Once the players are security inside- the entire cell is hoisted by 6 feet thick titanium cables and suspended in mid-air. The win situation can be whatever the players decide on.

2. Inferno Match: In this type of match the ring is surrounded in flames the first person to catch fire loses the match.

3. Casket Match: In this type of match the object is to place your opponent in the casket and shut the door. The use of weapons is also aloud.

4. Hell Frozen Over Match: (A CWE Signature/Original!): A gigantic bullet-proof, frost-proof glass cube is placed over the entire ring as the wrestlers enter. the temperature will be lowered a few degrees under Zero (or around -20 Celsius) by a large refrigerated hose off on the side. There are two ways to win. Somehow get outside the cell by exiting from the glass door or the very first to freeze and become unconscious will lose. The winner is the one left un-frozen and conscious. (Submitted by Promoter in 2000).

5. Boiler Room Brawl: In this type of match two opponents battle in the boiler room the first person to escape the boiler room is the winner.

6. Impaler Match: Both teams will be positioned above a bed of spikes. The spikes range in different sizes and each one has different levels of smaller spikes coming off them. The ring is shaped like and octagon above a bigger octagon. The only way to win this match is by either pin fall or throwing an opponent outside the ring. A ref will be on hand to count the pin but in no way will interfere. There will be No count outs, disqualification, or submission. To throw your opponent out all you have to do is toss them out, however, if they walk out (i.e. to get a weapon that may be on the ground, or to catch his breath, etc.) it does not count as a win for the other team.

7. Buried Alive Match: The Purpose of this match is to bury your opponent alive, The are no pinfalls, submissions or count outs and anything goes.

8. Knight Match: The Match will take place in a medieval gladiator pit and only medieval weapons are allowed NO MAGIC. Winner is the one that can make their opponent bleed.

9. Sacrifice/Symbol Match: A match in which its NO HOLDS BARRED- starts in the ring. The winner is the one that can get his/her opponent on a COTNRPG symbol (or a symbol of the opponents choosing), tied on it and raise the symbol with the rope. The symbol will be placed and provided on the top stage.

10. Annihilation: The ultimate Death Match! Hell in a cell, thorns on the outside, barbed and electricity wire embed in the steel mesh, no-dq’s, no-pinfalls, no-submission, tables-ladders-and chairs!, inferno match (as option), scaffold (as option) and the losers are the ones left unconscious or if there are belts involved….. the winner(s) are the ones that can get it from a dangling wire in the cage……. god have mercy!!!! (submitted by U†M)

11. Mirror Match: A huge cage covers the ring side- same as hell-in-a cell. However, small broken pieces of mirrors are woven into the steel mesh!! And the winner is the one that can take his/her opponent and smash them into a large mirror seated by ringside. (first match: Spade vs the Knight of Darkness at KOTR 2001)

12. Kefka’s Gauntlet: “It is basically a TLC match,but with a few slight changes:

#1: Barbed wire for ring ropes
#2: Turnbuckles replaced with contact Semtex C4 Plastic explosives
#3: Not only is ring surrounded by tables,ladders,and chairs (oh my),it is also surrounded by contact land mines like they use in the Japanese Death matches
#4:…Oh…did I mention that this all…IS ENCLOSED IN A HELL IN A CELL?!?!?!?!?!?!? WITH THE CELL BEING ON FIRE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The way to win is this. The middle part of the top of the cell is open,so one could grab a huge ladder,climb it,and actually go on top of the cell. THEN there are more ladders laying on the top of the cell. You must then set up and climb ANOTHER ladder (and hope and pray to god you don’t fall or the cell gives way,cause all it is is wired fence so it shakes and stuff. Not very stable to position a ladder. LOL) and grab whatever is on a hook (hopefully a title belt,but if not,a briefcase or something) to win the match.” (Submitted by Kefka).

13. Juggernaut match: As the name Juggernaut implies “an overwhelming, advancing force that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path.” This match is held in a huge glass cage like a frozen match, but instead of ice…. the cell is filled with blood. As the match continues onward… blood fills and fills… there are three levels like an Annihilation match (but not shaped like a pyramid- just cubes on top of one another.. and there are small holes on the floors of these levels to allow the blood to fill in as it rises)…. an opening on each cell leads to the upper level… the first to reach the last cell and grab the title from a dangling wire wins….

14. Heaven’s Chamber Match: “The chamber itself basically resembles the Octagon from UFC only it has a lid like the HIAC. 2 very powerful crane like machines are holding each side of the chamber, and the chamber will be elevated a good number of stories off the ground. So basically you’ll be fighting in a ring suspended in the air. The cranes will randomly shake and or drop the chamber a good number of feet every so often. So during the match, you will be thrown about quite violently.”

15. Elimination Chamber X-treme: ECF version of the WWE Elimination Chamber! The differences consist of: four chambers inside of the main chamber, and the main chamber itself is hoisted on a pedestal which turns then entire chamber counterclockwise! Tables, ladders and chairs- and anything that can be considered a weapon is available inside this X-treme version.

16. Road Rage match: Basically the competitors fight in the back of a moving truck and the winner is the person to throw their opponent out of the truck. I’m sure you could work all kinds of things in like superstars driving other cars around the truck etc.

18. The Glass Prison Match:
·There is no ring in this match.
·The combatants start off in a solid steel cube structure, called the inner chamber.
·On each face of this cube (or inner chamber) is a plate glass window which can be used to break out of the inner chamber.
·The inner chamber is surrounded by a large steel cage with a roof (hell in a cell structure).
·In the metre wide gap between the inner chamber and the steel cage are thousands of pieces of broken glass all the way around.
·The match can only be won by pinfall inside the inner chamber.

19. Steel CityMatch: A 40ft high cell made from steel plating, solid steel, not bars or mesh. The structure is divided into tho inside, creating a duel floors both 20ft high. The first is the only one containing a ring. Around the ring are various hardcore weapons such as tubs of light tubs, broads topped with a barbed wire, thumbtacks and of course Tables Ladders and Chairs. There are two fixed steel ladders, one at each opposite side of the ring that lead up to floor two. The walls of the second tier are lined with Razor wire. There is no ring here. In the center is another fixed ladder to the roof of the prison. Here there are two ladders fixed to the walls of the structure leading to the floor. The winner is the first person to touch the floor.

20. The Ritual match:
The match itself is inside a larger version of the hell in a cell however there are many differences.
1. The cell walls are made out of barbed wire and not normal steel so if you are slammed into it and if you climb it you will be cut to pieces.
2. Outside the ring there is no padding what so ever…..Just solid cement.
3. Inside the ring on the right hand side is a set of stacked tabled some are wooden some are covered in barbed wire and some are made out of glass.
4. On the left hand side of the cell up the top is a set of stairs so you can actually pull your opponent up.If you don’t understand what i mean by stairs then imagine one side of the cell on an angle and the other one is straight.
5. The roof is made out of bulletproof glass and people can be thrown through it.
6. Also up the top is a ladder that is being held up by a rope and pulling on the ladder will cause the rope to break and around the ladder is another set of tables.
7. At the center of the roof is a wooden beam.The way you win this match is by tying your opponents hands,arms,wrists or even legs to that wooden beam then it will be the referees call.
8. (If wanted)You can carve your name into your opponents back with barbed wire or a piece of glass if you wish to.