CW: one of the last news.

CW: one of the last news.

So, awhile back I posted an article explaining the purpose behind PG vs XXX and why.

Then I mentioned my taken on the future of CW. Ironically, the very thing which would send CW to its heels happened. The unfortunate thing about running any site like this is you are dependent on the participation and efforts of others too- and the biggest threat to a site like this is when players decide to leave for whatever reason they may have.

So with that said, for anyone reading this, I will state that I will continue onward to the 20th anniversary with or without a writing partner.

However, I cannot post to the degree as before mainly because of the boredom of posting alone. I will however, post content on the anniversaries 19th and 20th.

Then my plan afterward is to close the efed down, likely for good this time, and keep the site up for historical reference.

My personal ambitions are still in writing so I have planned to use another site: to continue small stories. I seriously doubt I will get anyone to join that site- especially in this day and age of social media and “less is more” – yeah maybe a bit passive aggressive but I earned my keep so there lol. But there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel.

With MWE… there was a LOT of potential there, but again, even I with a billion characters cannot run it on my own. So that site will also be archived.

One could argue that anything could happen- hey, I didn’t expect 4 more years of content after Charon left- but we did get to have a whole lot of fun and though personally I am upset that things turned out this way and out of my control- I have not one single doubt in my body about anything done. We proved beyond a shadow of a doubt who the real Kings were and kicked ass while doing it. I am very proud of this efed and I feel a lot of wrongs were justified.

Thank you CW, and to all of the right people who worked hard posting here as well. Maybe this place will inspire someone else and hopefully give back to the internet an amazing community away from dominate social media outlets like: Facebook and Instagram.

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